One Way or Another

This story is about an 18 year old girl named Holly. She is just an everyday girl with very little friends. She hates her life and always slits her wrists. Until one day all this turns around and thanks to this one very special boy that she meets in her life...


1. My Life


"HOLLY", my mum yelled as she walked into my room taking my knife off me. "BUT MUM" i screamed back "I HATE MY LIFE AND EVERYTHING ABOUT IT". My mum started searching all my draw for more knifes. "Mum thats all my personal stuff" i exclaimed and she just ignored me. She found my hidden stash and grounded me.


My mum went out of the room and put them somewhere hidden. This was just another usual day in my house. My mum would scream at me in the morning to get out of bed (except this morning she screamed at me for cutting myself), i would then get dressed into my horrible school uniform, do my hair, put on make up and then i normally leave the house without saying a word to my mum.

This morning as i was leaving the house i quickly grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl without making eye contact with my mum and as i walked out of the house i slammed the door. As i was walking to the bus stop i kept on thinking about how ever since my old best friend Will Sweeny left Australia because his family was going to England my life became a mess. Thats when i started cutting myself because i had no friends and i thought i have nothing to live for and i still dont. Everyone at my school teases me and thats why i want my life to end.


After the long bus trip to school i already wanted to leave. I hate my school it was the worst. The other kids, the teachers and the whole lot of just made me want to rip my head off!! As soon as i walked into the school gates the bell went, so i went straight to homeroom. Homeroom was the same as usual, with the morning announcements and the bitchy group teasing the hell out of me. I just ignored them and started thinking about the good times when Will was in Australia, when all of a sudden there was a girl at the door. Mr Harrison told her to come in and sit down next to me because that was the only spare seat. "hey" i said to her. She replied " Hi im Meghann but you can just call me Meg". The conversation just went on and on until the bell went for class.

This was the best day of my life so far during my time in high school. We became BFFL. 

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