One Way or Another

This story is about an 18 year old girl named Holly. She is just an everyday girl with very little friends. She hates her life and always slits her wrists. Until one day all this turns around and thanks to this one very special boy that she meets in her life...


2. Good News

1 year later


School was over and me and Meg were still best friends. Since the day she stepped into class for homeroom till the present day we have been together, almost like sisters. Meg was my rock, she was always there for me. There was a knock at the door, which disturbed my thoughts. I was hoping for it to be Meg, but Meg wouldnt knock she would just come in. To my surprise it was  her cousin Chelsea. 

"Hey Chelsea, what brings you here?" i asked her.

she replied "i have got big news".

"Oh my god, what is it?"

"Well im getting married in a couple of weeks and i was wondering if you would like to accompany Meg and I as we go to London for the wedding" she said

"OMG, yes yes yes!!" i exclaimed as i jumped up with joy.

"Great, i was also wondering would you like to be my bridesmaid? You dont have to if you dont want to its just.."

I cut her off and said "Yes, of course i do"

We pulled into a hug and Chelsea started crying.

"why are you crying?" i startled

She replied "because im so happy you could come"

Then being the sook i am i started crying as well.

After we had stopped crying and hugging i asked "would you like drink of something?

"A green tea would be great thanks" she politley requested.

I started making the tea and i all of a sudden I realised that i couldnt afford to go to London. I gasped a little and i wasnt sure how to tell Chelsea that i couldnt come................

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