One Crazy World

Aome Rounds, a cat in hiding, always wanted her life to be normal. Since, her mom died, all she had was herself. She had to support herself, and she was her own friend, but she bumps into 5 guys who change her world forever with just one bite. ;)


3. "Turn Around, and You Stole my Heart."



"And Let me kiss you!"  I sang, before ending another rehearsal. "Okay guys! That's a wrap for today!"

The director called to us as we rested on the floor in exhaustion. "I am hungry." Niall moaned while rubbing his tummy. We laughed in unison. "We all are. Want to get a bite?" I whisper so no one could hear us. They all nodded. We sneaked out the back door followed by a dark alley. "It's my turn to pick the lunch!" Louis said, crossing his arms. We agreed. "Zayn, do your thing." Liam uttered, holding on to him. We all grabbed his shoulder, as Zayn closed his eyes, and made us invisible.


"Nice work." I patted Zayn's back. We moved into a nearby crowd, where our fans awaited our arrival to come out of the rehearsal. "What to choose. what to choose?" Niall said licking his lips. "That one." Louis whispered pointing to a girl that was handing out fliers. "She looks delicious. Nice choice." Zayn mumbled. We moved in closely. "Harry."


I nodded, and sped off to her, and snatched her up with the speed of light. We all ran to the nearest field. We pinned her to the wall. 

"I call first bite!" Louis yelled running up to her, smelling her neck. The girl screamed in horror. "ONE DIRECTION! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?"  

We looked at her shirt, that had my face on it. 

Niall entered my mind. 

"Just do it Harry. We need to eat already! I am starving." 

I walked up to her, and looked into her eyes. "Hey." I said touching her cheek. She blushed. "This will only hurt alittle okay?Then it will be all over." I rubbed her cheek one last time before the boys attacked her. She screamed and screamed into she was lifeless. "Nice job, Harry." Niall patted my back while blood dripped down his face. 


I smiled faintly, and walked over to the side. How could I hurt a fan like that? I lead her on, to die. I thought, rubbing my neck. "Harry, mate. Cheer up." Liam rubbed my shoulder to comfort me. "This is how we live, and we have to deal with it, even if we have to hurt the people we love."


He was right. We had hurt a million girls, since we first changed. 


A Long time ago, I was Harold Styles, on the verge of dying. I was smashed by a car. I had moments to live, before a girl showed up. Her name was Mina. "Hello." She whispered while touching my cheek softly. I couldn't speak, and her voice was very soothing. "Why don't you come with me?" She pulled me out of the car, and took me to an old shed.


She laid me down, and rubbed my hair, as I breathed my last breaths. "Its all going to be okay." She whispered before, I opened my eyes to stare at her red eyes. She bit my neck, and I screamed in agony. 


Moments later, I was healed with no bruises or cuts. "Welcome." She hugged me, and took my hand. She took me to a room, where I met the other boys. 


"You guys are my servants. Do as I say, and your life will be long." She said. She did save my life, I thought. The least I can do is follow her every order. From then on, she was my leader. 


"Harry?" Liam was snapping in my face waking me up from my day dream. "We need to hurry back." 

We flashed back to the studio. We walked through the back door where we had first left. "There you guys are! You have to  head to America tonight! The tour starts 2 days!"


After we had finished packing up, we headed to our apartments.  "I'll head up to my room." They all hissed. "Going to bed already?" Louis said smiling. They all played in the lobby, while I continued to walk to the elevator.  "Hey Harry." Liam was catching up to me. "I hope you aren't still worried about the girl."

"Its just that, I don't want to hurt too many girls anymore, ya know?" I said before pressing the elevator button. "I know,but its okay. You will find someone to spare." Liam said before the doors closed. I played back what he said.

"Someone to spare?" I repeated. I shook my head, at how confused I was. I put the key into my door, and proceeded inside. "Hello, Harry." I dropped my keys at the voice, that matched the person in front of me. "Mina?"



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