One Crazy World

Aome Rounds, a cat in hiding, always wanted her life to be normal. Since, her mom died, all she had was herself. She had to support herself, and she was her own friend, but she bumps into 5 guys who change her world forever with just one bite. ;)


2. "There's Nothing Left, I Used to Cry."



Mornings. They were never good for me. I slept in a penthouse all alone. 

I had no one to talk to, but a cat that would come in from time to time, but nothing more. I woke up that morning, covered in sweat. My clothes were all dirty, and my face was covered in dirt. "What happened last night?" I mumbled, removing the cover from my legs.  I found some footprints, that lead to the front door. 


"I took you home last night. You should thank me."- Harry Styles xx 


Harry Styles? Who was that? I had never met such a person. But the one question that boogled my mind was, how did he get in my house? I stepped on another note. 


"You had your key in your pocket, if you are wondering how I got in your home."-Harry Styles xx


I giggled a little. I wonder what I was really doing for someone had to take me home. I have outbursts from time to time, but its nothing to worry about. Maybe I was madder than I thought.


Yesterday, was the day my mother was found died. She was the owner of a billion dollar company, called Midnight Rounds. 

Her company was a huge restaurant chain. She owned, and looked over franchises all around. Her restaurants were opened from midnight to the crack of the dawn the next day. It supplied food and time for Miw Catus or in other words, "cat species". I was a steady customer, because I was a she-cat. 


Each cat, is possessed with a special ability. It could be martial arts type, water ability type, ghost type, and etc. My ability you ask? My ability is quite unique. I can change the state of matter of anything, and steal their power for my own memory. I can even take it permanently. I have been training so I am very good.


I slowly go up the stairs, trying to recall my night.




It was a cool evening, and I was on my way to my mother's office. She had booked me for a dinner date.


"Meet me at my office honey! A Dinner date! Like old times!"


I giggled as I played back how she said it to me.


I made it to the college parking lot, where my car was still parked. I dug through my purse in search for my keys. 

"Oh come on!"  

I said throwing my purse on the car hood. "It has to be in here some where! FOUND IT!" I yelled in excitement.

I opened the car door, and drove off in route to my required destination.



I made it there in 20 minutes, and headed upstairs.

"Hey Walter!" I say while waving to the door man. "How are you today, Aome?" Walter said while activating the elevator.

"Good!" I shouted back. 


It was silence in the elevator, as I waited for it to come to the Penthouse office, where my mom works. 

This is really crappy elevator music. I thought. 


After tapping my foot a few times, to the annoying music, I got to my mom's floor.

"Leave here now!" I heard from my mom's door. 
"You have no business here!"


"And why is that? I told you that, you are in debt for saving your precious daughter, and you didn't listen. Now it's time for you to pay!" The person laughed, like he was going to win the battle. My mom is the strongest She-cat there is. 

I heard a huge thunder, and my mom's scream. 


I burst open the doors. I find my mom on the floor, and the guy standing over her. 

"Oh my, who are you?" He said pinning me to the wall.  


I changed him into liquid form, and gained his power. My eyes opened once more, with thunder bolts. The liquid returned back to normal, and ran out the window. "Your mom is gone, but you will be next." The guy screamed, jumping to a nearby building until he disappeared from my sight.


"Mom?!" I screamed shaking her. "Mom!" I shouted over and over. She didn't move. I looked out the window. I lost her. I thought, crying into my hands.

"Aome, you have to stop him." I heard my mom's voice. I turned around, and she opened her eyes slightly. 

"How, mom?" I whispered as my tears fell on her cheek. "Use your  power within you because you are the Apple of my eye." she said smiling before her eyes closed shut. "MOM!!!" I shouted shaking her. "MOM!!! NO!" I cried. I laid her down slowly, and stepped back.


My eyes turned black, and I stepped outside. I flew to the nearest field, and busted into flames. I screamed in pain, and hurt. I had just lost my mother, to a person I never seen before. I was on fire, until, I dropped down on my knees.


"Why me?" I cried. "Why me?" I repeated. I pasted out, not remembering a single thing.


*Flashback ends*


As I recalled my thought of my mother's death, tears fell into my jeans. 

"I will find him for you, Mom. And kill him." I whispered.










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