summer love

hannah and cassidy are your every day normal 18 year old teenage girls they are best friends and just graduated high school and decided to rent a house on the beach for the summer but what happens when they meet Niall and Louis? will they fall for them? read this and find out!


1. that night

cassidys POV:

i take out my suit case and start putting my folded clothes into it. my best friend hannah and i are renting a beach house for the summer! im so excited! we are leaving tomorrow so i have to finish packing! i finish putting all my clothes into the suit case and get out a small bag to put all my shampoos and stuff etc. into. i pack my shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razor, tooth brush, tooth paste, mouth wash, and 'women things' a.k.a pads haha. i zip up the zebra bag with my toiletries and put it at the end of the bed i plug in my laptop and my iPhone so they will be charged for the drive there i check twitter and facebook i tweet: cant wait for tomorrow! going to cali! @hannah and update my status on facebook:cant wait to go to cali tomorrow with my best friend! ahh just finishing up mah packing then im going to try to sleep!! and tag hannah in the post i close my laptop and text hannah to:hannah<3 ahh just finished packin i cant wait for tomorrow! what time are we leaving? she replys from;hannah<3  we have to leave at like 5 or 6am so you better get your ass up or your driving yourself! i laugh and text her back: ok ok i surrender ill sleep nighty night next time we see the sun it will be in cali!! :D <333 i lock my phone and lay down to go sleep i click off the lamp by my bed and take  deep breath and close my eyes and fall asleep within a half an hour.


hannahs POV:

ahhh oh my fucking god!!!!!! i was about to go to sleep after i checked twitter when i click on the app theres a new tweet from niall it says: leaving for california in the mornin cant wait!. i immediately text cassidy 

to:cassidyy :D: HOLY SHIT GUESS WHAT


before i can text back she calls me i hold the phone away from my ear and simultaniously we both scream as loud as we can (we're both crazy directioners) "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOLY SHIT OH MY GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD" she screams "I KNOW WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!?!?!?!?!!? holy shit what if we see them? what if me MEET them!!" i yell back we both scream and shreik some more then she mocks me "get your ass to bed or yourd driving yourself!" we laugh and say goodbye i lock my phone and double check all my alarm clocks.....i have 9 alarms to insure that i wake up hehehe its 9:45pm now so ill have some sleep before we get on the plane i shut off my lights and fall asleep a little while after



hehe ok so some of this is real of my bestest friends name is hannah she has an account on here ;) and 2.we are huge directioners ;) moo hahahahahahaahaha >:3

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