Emily is 16 when One Direction kidnap her, and uses her sexual.

About Emily:
Name; Emily Carter.
Age; 16.
From: Ireland, Dublin.
Haircolor; Brown
Eyecolor: blue
Popular; yes.
Many friends; no.
Lives: England, London.


1. Little bit of 1 Chapter!

I lay in the bed.
"Hey beautiful." Liam whispered.
"Fuck you!" I Said.
"Shh.. Your language!" He hissed.
I rolled my eyes.
"You ready Em?", he asked.
I nod. This should just get really Quick!"
"Okay then.." He Said and pulles his clothes of, after pulling of my clothes.
And there we lay.
Naked - beside each other.
"You wanna do this now, or..?" He asked
"Now!!!" I answered.
"Okay then".

You'll Get more tomorrow!
This is just a little bit of first
-Aurora <3
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