I will try finish this fanfic, yea, I will try:) enjoy!


4. What?

Paige's POV
Can't believe Eimer's parents actually did that. It shocks me. How could half Eimer's family be like that, and then the other half are like Niall Horan? It confuses me.
'Its alright.' I tried to say in a comforting voice while hugging her, but her tears kept escaping her eyes. 'Come on, we will go shopping now to get our outfits, we can't really afford to look bad, can we?' I added which got that giggle that everyone loves out of her!
'Come on!' Chelsea shouted already down the road!
*at the shops*
I am sure that I am putting on weight. I am trying on a size 6 and it won't zip!
'Paige, hurry up, you take ages trying on clothes!' Chelsea whined at me!
'Im not coming out, I don't like it!' I yelled lying, at least they can't see my face, that always gives away my lies!
'Leave us waiting for nothing then!' Eimer huffed and I could hear her stump back into the changing room beside me. These two are easily annoyed!
'EVERYBODY, COME OUT PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM' we heard a deep, scary voice shout. But no one moved from the changing rooms.
'COME OUT OR I WILL KILL YOUS ALL!' then we slowly walked out to see him run to the cash register and stuff a bag with money. That's when I boy ran up to stop him, but the robber shot him and the leg and ran out. I ran over to the boy bleeding on the floor to find out it was.....
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