I will try finish this fanfic, yea, I will try:) enjoy!


2. Not school

Paige's POV
Do I really have to go to school, we shouldn't have to I mean. We are meeting the biggest boyband in the world! But we aren't allowed to tell, ugh, I hate rules. Wait, when even are we meeting them? Whoops.
*phone beeps*
Eimer - can your mum give me a lift to school as well, my mum is refusing to take me once more cause she says I am being stuck up. Since when is refusing to tidy your room been stuck up?
Me - Eimer, it is stuck up :L yea, my mum can give you a lift anyway.
Eimer - thank you! Anyway, Tuesday, are you excited!
Me - is it really that soon?
Eimer - yes, anyway, pick me up at twenty to nine. I will be ready!
Me - okay, bye!
Tuesday, really! I thought it was later than that. That is 3 days away! Well it is a excuse to go shopping, isn't it!

*at school*
'Hey Paige! What you doing on Tuesday? It is my birthday and all of us are going to the cinema. You want to come' Susie, a girl in my form asked me.
'I am sorry I can't come. I am only meeting the biggest bo --- biggest bouncer that has ever worked at a club on Tuesday?' Oh god, I almost give that away all ready!
'The biggest bouncer that has ever worked at a club? If you didn't want to come, you should have just have said!' Her high pitched voice said and then her tiny feet turned and she ran off. That could have went better, way better!
'PAIGE!' Chelsea screamed while running at me like a bull!
'Hi Chelsea' I said calmly trying to calm her down a bit.
'Where is Eimer, thought you were giving her a lift?' She asked.
'Well, we went to her house, heard screams, were scared to go in, but my mum went to the door and asked where she was. Her mum and dad both answered, with angry faces, said she isn't coming in. And then slammed the door in my mums face' I answered
'And you didn't think to ring the police, Eimer might be in trouble!' Chelsea screamed!
'It is Eimer, she probably just did something stupid!' I laughed! And then we just laughed! Cause that probably is just what happened!
'Wait, did they maybe find out about that thing!' Chelsea screamed. And then we paused, and started to run out of the school towards Eimer's house, they could kill her if they found out! I mean, her parents do have criminal records and they are on house arrest at the minute.
'Hurry up!' I screamed at Chelsea who was slowing down a bit. But then we bumped into the head teacher before we crossed the gate.
'Hi miss, we both said shyly backing off.
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