I will try finish this fanfic, yea, I will try:) enjoy!


3. But you are my parents?..

Chelsea's POV
I knew we should have been more secretive trying to get out of this school, but no, we just ran and now are standing in front of her head teacher and her friend on her face, her mole. No, I am being serious, it's her friend. She talks to it!
'And where do the two of you think yous are going? The bell has spoken, after that first bell, you don't leave until the last one without your parents permission.' she bellowed with spit flying all over us.
'Well, we just were sent out to gather flowers from outside the gates for Mr Sullivian for his biology class. He sent us out to get them' I answered back with a lot of confidence.
'Hmm, well, I will go check with him then. I do not want yous two to as much move a step while I go ask him.' she implied with her manly voice sounding even deeper than usual. We waited very quietly until her size 10 feet turned around the corner up into the school. And then we ran for it. We will take the consequences, after we have argued for half an hour to get them to make them smaller punishments!

Eimer's POV
Still don't know why my stupid mum and dad aren't letting me go to school. Are they just so lonely on their house arrest that they have to make me miss out on my wonderful edecation?! I am only joking, I don't care about my education, I just want to see Paige and Chelsea!
'EIMER, IF YOU WANT WATER GET IT NOW CAUSE YOU AIN'T GETTING NO MORE AFTER IT.' my mum shouted loud enough to burst anyone's ear drums. Do they really hate me so much that they only let me get 4 cups of water a day. Yea. They hate me. May as well go get my water, cause I am not getting anymore for 3 hours. It's like my mum and dad want me to be on house arrest with them. Wait, what is this!
'MUM!' I yelled
'What do you want now you demon child?' She screamed back at me. Yup, she hates me.
'Why is their sleeping pills here? Are you trying to drug me! I can't believe this, my own mother, is trying to drug me. I have stuck through you for so long! And you try to drug me? What were you planning on doing! Answer me with the truth. What were you going to do?!' I screamed so loud I even broke a glass.
'Me and your father are short on money, we needed it desperately, so we were going...' she mumbled while choking on her words.
'Well!' I screamed.
'Sell you...' she whispered.
'Right, that is it! I am sick of this! I am leaving now!' I shouted grabbing my phone and my laptop and then a burst out the door where Paige and Chelsea were standing with open arms. They must have heard the whole thing....
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