I will try finish this fanfic, yea, I will try:) enjoy!


1. Introduction

Chelsea's POV
Hi, I am your typical teenager you could say. I have chestnut coloured hair, and deep blue eyes! I am British, no I do not Know the queen! I always have a messy room, I always like to look my best, and I don't know where I would be without my two best friends, Paige and Eimer.
Paige has light brown hair, and blue eyes like me! She is also British along with me! She is really down to earth, and she can be annoying some times, but I love her!
And Eimer has dark brown hair and hazel eyes! And she is different, she is Irish! She is a bit off it, by that I mean a bit slow, and a bit mad, but what can I say, she is loveable!
Anyway, the biggest thing we would have in common, would be our love for One Direction! Aren't they great?! Well, anyway, the best thing in our lives just happened, we found out that Eimer is related to Niall Horan. Isn't that just amazing! And somehow, but don't ask how, we got in contact with him, told him that they were 1st cousins, and him and the boys are coming over here! Can you believe that, no neither could I, but it is true! But we aren't allowed to tell anyone, that's the thing. I just hope that we can keep secrets....
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