One Night Stand

When clubbing leads to so much more...
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7. Dresses

"Oh my gosh this is so amazing!!" Marnie shrieks, spinning around and dancing in a wedding dress of her choice. She looks so happy, and Iwonder whether she wishes she was me right now.

"Put that down - I'm the bride, not you!" I tell her, playfully. This shop is massive; filled to the brim with dresses of all colours and designs - some simplistic yet elegant, with minimal sequins and pretty pearls, and some extrodinarily and intricately designed, like henna patterns but fit for a bride. Swirling shapes and patterns are dizzying me but mezmerising me all the while.

"I don't know what to choose!?" I say, snapping out of my beautiful trance for a second.

"Well I don't care if you think it is stupid, but it would look gorgeous on your body!" she says, grabbing one from a far corner. Shining golden racks are everywhere, intimidating me to the limit. Marnie brandishes a gown in my face, and I can't help but look to see what she has chosen...

It's an angelic, white, fitted floor length dress, embellished with strategically placed sequins to excentuate the shape and slight ruching at the sides. A single ruffle is sewn into the hem on the right side that will add curves where I am lacking them. It's perfect.


10 flashing minutes later, we are walking back towards my apartment in the city, that I now share with Oscar. I can't wait to see Grace again! We have been stuggling to care for her and get it right; had our ups and our downs, but all the while, what keeps me going is knowing that when I get home my little angel will be waiting for me. I cherish her wherever I am, and whatever I am doing - she is the love of my life. Turning the key in the lock, I brace myself for an arguement...

"Amy, where the hell have you been!" Oscar shouts at me, with Grace slung over his shoulder and a faint whiff of baby sick clouding the air that he walks in. I can't help but laugh - he looks like the perfect Dad right now.

"Reserving a dress, for our wedding, you doofus!" I joke. He smiles back and turns to talk to Marnie. Heading over to the nursery, I pick up a stray dummy to replace it to where it belongs. I notice that Grace has pushed all her dolls and snugglies to one side of her cot, but left the blue rabbit toy that Mum and Dad got her right in the centre. I bet they'd love to know that - they seem to want to be posted on everything that is happening in my life now; Oscar and I never have any alone time, it's always my parents or the baby.

"Amy, get in here!" Marnie shrieks. "There's something wrong with Grace!" Shit.

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