One Night Stand

When clubbing leads to so much more...
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5. Delivery

"Tell me, where does it hurt?" Oscar says, concern all over his face.

"Everywhere hurts! Oh..Aghhhh" I scream. The contractions are getting worse every minute and I feel like I am dying. Suddenly I remember the breathing exercises that my antenatal classes taught me to use when I felt like giving up. "He he he he he he, hoo hoo hoo" I pant desperately. Oscar is so confused - I can tell.

"Do you want me to take you to the hospital?" he shouts over my pants, and I grab hold of his hand.

"NO I am NOT going until it...aghhhh help!!!" My bag is all packed and ready to go, so there is nothing stopping me. "Yes fine just make it quick!" I scream. Sweat beads line my forehead and my face is as bright as a cherry. Jeeze, the poster girls make it look so easy. Why can't I be as pretty in labour as them? Oscar bursts through the door and puts his arms around my back.

"You're going to have to stand up. I can't lift you!" he shouts, beckoning for me to follow him. I rise to my feet but can't stay on them for more than a second. I plop back onto the sofa. "Please!" he says, "I know it must be awful but there is no other way we can get there...unless..." I close my eyes shut and imagine a peaceful beach where the waves are rolling onto the shore, palm trees swaying in the wind... My daydream is cut short by Oscar nudging me to wake up. In his hands are the handles of a .....wheelbarrow?

"What the hell is that for?" I scream at him, "I need to get in the car and go to the hospital, not on a gardening trip!!??"

"Exactly." he says, and before I know it he has pulled me into it. "Now I can carry you to the car." In that moment I knew that this was something special. I mean, who else will get a wheelbarrow to take their wimpy pregnant wife to the car in?

10 minutes later we arrive at the hospital. My contractions are coming a lot quicker now, and I am really struggling to cope with the pain. I hobble out towards the main reception desk, and let Oscar do all the talking. We are led towards a brightly lit room with a huge bed that looks made for an elephant in it! I thud down onto it, and let the nurse do everything she has to.

"You're quite far on" she says, "If you had left it any longer to come here you would have had to do a home delivery." Just the thought of it makes my head spin. Oscar opens up a packet of Wotsits and offers me one.

"No thanks, any cheesy snack that I eat right now will be coming right back up to join the rest of its friends!" I joke, but then the happy moment is stopped when a doctor comes into my room, grave faced.

"The baby is just not gonna come on its own. We may need to do a C-section." he says in his deep, gravelly voice.

"No, I want natural birth! Please." My hands start shaking and Oscar grabs hold of them.

"Amy, the doctors know what they are doing. It will be fine!" He says quietly, trying to soothe my worries. But it doesn't work.

"Where the hell is Marnie!? I need her right now - she would know what to do." I ask. As if by cue, the door slams open.

"Well that taxi driver was completely incompetent - he didn't even know what a hospital was!! And I mean, ..." Her rant is cut short when she sees my face.

"What's up hunni? You look all funny." she says, grabbing hold of my other hand.

"Marnie, they want to do a C-section on me." I say, "and I'm not ready for that. I can't do it."

"Sure you can! Listen to me, I will be there holding your hand the whole way through it, and if you wanna stop then you can just get them to stop! But if you don't do this and the baby dies, then you will never forgive yourself, and you know it." She's right. I have to do it.


An hour later we have a gorgeous angel lying peacefully in our arms. It's a girl. We have been talking about names for over 20 minutes now, and we just can't agree on anything!

"I like Katie" Oscar suggests, and I shake my head.

"No, there was a girl at my secondary school called Katie, and she smoked and did drugs round the back of the bike shed. I don't need reminding of that every time I look at my daughter! What about Annie?"

"No, that's just tempting fate. We don't want her ending up an orphan like in the movie."

"Fine." I say. A news article flashes up on the television above my bed, and I stop to listen.

"This is breaking news at 5pm on BBC. Young girl called Grace foils terrorism plot to bomb the London Eye. She heard the gang talking about it in a London telephone box and reported to the local police. The plot was managed to be stopped when armed guards ransacked the home of lead gang member and arrested everyone involved. Grace has been nominated for a Pride of Britain award after saving hundreds of thousands of lives, and is scheduled to meet her Majesty the Queen later in the week."

I turn to face Oscar and see that he is looking at me. Our eyes meet at an agreement, and I smile at him. I think I know what our daughter's name is going to be...

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