One Night Stand

When clubbing leads to so much more...
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3. Coffee Shop


"Oscar, Oscar, it's you!" I shriek. Don't worry - I checked there was nobody around first. I don't want everyone to think I'm a nutter!

"Yeah, I thought you knew when I served you? I tried to talk to you but you didn't seem interested. I was trying to play it cool, you know, after the other night...." he says, looking a bit shifty.

"Well I didn't know it was you, and yeah, about the other night. I know you're a liar. Can I tell you something?" I fiddle with my new earrings nervously, anticipating the worst.

"Sure, what is it?" he asks, looking so innocent and un-expecting. I close my eyes.

"I'm sort of, I'm kinda......I'm pregnant." I say, bracing myself for an explosion. But nothing happens. I open my eyes to see Oscar with his head in his hands and shaking silently. I realise he is crying.

"Oscar..?" I ask, unsure of what answer I am looking for.

"I'" he sobs, tears growing stronger and faster. All rage I felt is instantly gone, and I immediately reach out to hold him. Hug him. He is making my jumper wet, but I don't care. Marnie walks over towards us, puzzled at what I'm doing, rocking the cute sales assistant. I watch as her face changes, and she understands what is going on. I am annoyed to find that my eyes are welling up with tears too.

"Can we go out of here? People are starting to stare at me." I ask, tilting his face up to look at me. His eyes are red and puffy and his tears have left trails all down his cheeks. He nods and starts walking towards the exit.

"I'll leave you two alone then" says Marnie, turning to go down in the lift. She blows me a kiss which I mime catching and put it in my pocket. She laughs. I lead Oscar into Costa Coffee, where I order us two hot chocolates but only his with whipped cream and marshmallows. I am feeling generous.

"I just can't believe it." he says, bewildered at this discovery I have made. "We're gonna be parents!" I'm shocked.

"Does that mean you want to be with me then?" I ask. "Do you love me? Really?"

"Yes!" he shouts, but then quietens down when people turn around to look at us. "Don't you love me?"

"I do. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone before." I reply. It seems silly to think that a week ago I didn't even know this guy existed! But now we are forever attached by a baby that is growing inside of me. A part of each of us. I have come to love him so much in the time that we have spent together. He kisses me and takes my hand.

"I hope it's a boy." he says, "coz then I can teach him how to play football and buy a mini rugby shirt!"

"Nah, I want a girl. I want to dress her up in cute little pink outfits and take her swimming in a frilly costume! I want to buy her one like I had when I was a baby."

"Well whatever it is, I will love it, and you, with all my heart." he whispers, and places his hand on my belly. Such a sweet guy. I can't wait to start a family with him! What felt like such a burden; such a mistake this morning now feels like a blessing.

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