One Night Stand

When clubbing leads to so much more...
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2. Bump

Oh my god. It can't be true? Let me try again. No, it's definitely right.

I'm pregnant. God knows now - I guess Oscar must have been lying. God, how could I let myself be so stupid?! Guys lie all the time, why didn't I check? Now I am pregnant and it's all my fault. Single mom, aged 33. Just great.

"How did this happen? I thought you weren't seeing anyone at the moment?" Marnie asks, shaking her head. I am at her house for summer brunch, something we always do on the first day of August every year. Only this time it's different. The smell of the steak is making me feel sick, and I can't keep anything down.

"Well, I met this guy at the club, and it was only meant to be a fling! But it turned into something more... Please don't hate me Marnie! I'm so sorry."

"I don't hate you. But you should have known better Amy! I warned you and you didn't take my advice." Marnie scolds me, while shovelling more pancakes onto her plate. The golden syrup oozes out of the jug, coating every last strawberry in a shiny veil of sugar.

"I know, I know. My little brain has been telling me off ever since I found out. But there's nothing I can do about it, is there? It's done."

"So, I guess the biggest question is what are you going to do? Keep it or leave it." she asks, an edge of pity to her voice.

"Definitely keep it. I can't face doing anything else." I whisper, stroking my belly where a baby will soon be growing. I wish I did something. Now I'm going to have to explain to this baby that it doesn't have a father because he never really loved me. He never really cared.

"Cheer up hun, let’s go shopping." Marnie suggests. She knows that shopping will always make me feel better.

"Love you Marnie" I say, standing up and grabbing my purse from the table. We walk down the street to Primark, my favourite place to shop when I'm down. Everything is so cheap! It’s unbelievable. I pull a delicate pair of chandelier earrings off their rack, and hold them up against my ears.

"What do you think?" I call to Marnie, who halfway across the store is trying on a pair of bright blue wedge heels. She gives me the thumbs up, and I go over to the till to buy them. Only £1!

"Gorgeous aren't they?" the man at the till says, engaging in polite conversation with me. I think I recognise that voice? But then again, most men sound like that.

"Thanks" I say, grabbing the bag and walking away. Marnie is in the jean department, browsing through the extensive array of colours and designs.

"Nah" she grunts, dismissing a pair of bright red skinnies, tossing them back onto the rack. "Let's go."

We go down the escalator and out the door, when she suddenly stops.

"You know, I might buy those heels if you don't mind waiting for me?" she says, glancing back upstairs.

"Sure!" I reply, thumping down into a soft plush sofa, and getting out my earrings to put on. They go perfectly with my top! Five minutes later, Marnie arrives back in the home department with a huge grin on her face. I recognise that smile.....she's been flirting.

"There's a new guy on the till, “she says tossing her hair over her shoulder and winking in some direction up the escalator, "and he's so fit! He's got a smile that could melt all the ice in the world."

Oh. My. God. What are the odds?... I recognise that voice.

"I'll be right back!!" I shout, sprinting back upstairs to the tills, as fast as my legs can carry me.

"Wait - what?" Marnie shrieks, but there's no stopping me now.

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