The Pen

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  • Published: 26 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 26 Feb 2013
  • Status: Complete
A poem about everyone's trust pen


1. The Pen




You open your pencil case to find your tool

Anyone who didn’t bring one was a fool.

It would squirt ink and glide along paper,

But be careful the cartridge could run out later!

Writing down equations and important notes,

Kept in school blazers, pockets and coats.

You suddenly realise its run out of ink,

Then your face begins to turn pink.

You quickly search for another load,

And realise you left them at your abode.

Then your neighbour’s pen suddenly plays up,

Leaking ink like a dribbling pup.

He quickly looks for something to stop it,

When your old lady teacher turns ‘Alright Poppet?’

Ink down your fingers and on your work,

When it goes down your sleeve you being to jerk.

These things are trouble, these things are tricky,

The thing in your pencil case that makes you sticky.

But they’re our friend and we’d be lost without them,

Like a flower to a trusty stem,

A root to the flower here and then,

Like an egg guarding by a hen,

There they are my trusty pen.

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