Could My Luck Finally Change? (For Celeste <3)

A young girl called Celeste who has had a bad time with boys and her luck finally changes when she meets a young lad with brown curly hair called Harry.


1. My P.O.V

Let's say i haven't had the best of luck with boys until i met Kyle and then he broke my heart by dumping me for one of my best friends.

I needed sometime to think and clear my head because today would of been the fourth year of me and Kyle going out but instead he was with my ex-best friend.I shoved my earphones in and headed to the park. I was sat on the swing in the kids playground and I started to cry because our song started playing and it started to bring back memories.

Someone sat on the swing next to me, I looked to see who it was and it was a guy with an orange hat on. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

I took my earphones out and he said 'Hey, are you alright?' I looked at the ground and said 'yer guess.' and i started to cry again and he lended across and wiped the tear from my cheek and said 'I'm Harry and you are?' I smiled and said 'Celeste and its nice to meet you Harry.' I finally looked at him and he said 'what's a pretty girl like you sat out in the cold, crying?' I shrugged my shoulders and said 'its a long story.' He looked at me and said 'I know we've just met but here if you want to talk and besides when people tell me stuff, i forget it in about 10 minutes anyways, so things always stay secret with me.' i started giggling. We sat for a few minutes in silence and he said 'Wanna go for a coffee Celeste?' i nodded and we got up and headed out the park and to the cafe.

We were talking for ages and i went to the toilet and i came back and Harry was gone but there was a napkin on the table saying 'sorry celeste i had to go, i really enjoyed today and i hope we can do it again sometime, and at the bottom was his number 07582918475 (ring me) love harry xx, P.S. i'll explain why i had to leave soon, i promise.'

I sat down and looked at it and thought how nice he was and he listened to what i had to say not like Kyle. He was cute, his brown curly hair and his big green eyes. I smiled to myself and Kyle and Chloe walked into the cafe, i got up and headed out with the napkin, thinking about whether i should phone or text him.

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