Katie is a very talented young artist who wants to get the best out of life. However both her parents are constantly arguing over the smallest of things which makes Katie feel scared and lonely. She locks herself away in her room and plugs in her headphones which cuts off reality. Will her parents ever stop arguing and will she ever pluck up enough courage to leave home? Read about it here in the gripping new Movella.


2. Dull

I climbed onto my bed and grabbed my sketchbook. It’s the same one I had when I was younger, I quite like looking back at my previous drawings and seeing how I have improved. My sketchbook looks like it has been edited into black and white, but it hasn’t. There is no colour in the book, only where Katie has been scribbled with gold glitter pen. Grandma gave me that pen, she used to come round every Sunday to check up on me, make sure I was ok. She knew what was going on at home, but didn’t help me. Grandma then found a man called Ron and they moved up to Birmingham. The last time I saw Grandma was on my 7th birthday, she and Ron took me to a pizza place, the pizza was massive and you got unlimited ice-cream for afters! That is probably the best childhood memory I have, I wish my parents were together, none of this would have happened, but there is no point in self-pitting myself as you can’t change what has happened you simply just have to deal with it.


I am in the middle of my GCSE’s at school, they are so hard. I chose subjects that are hard because I thought it would help me in the long run, but it doesn’t. I don’t understand the subject and they all just appear a blur to me, I get so confused and end up having to have after school lessons with the teachers. This isn’t too bad because it keeps me out of the house, but I don’t understand what they talk about.


The only subject I enjoy is Art. In our last piece of assessment I got A*. It was based on WW2 and we had to use dull colours, so that work was a blast. At the moment we are doing brightly coloured themed work and I don’t know how to do it. When I was younger, I never saw bright colours, my whole house was painted white and grey, no thought put into it at all. My Art teacher is called Mrs Drake, she is so lovely, and I admire her so much. I asked her the other day how she got into teaching and she replied by saying lots of hard work and tons of support from my parents. At that point, I just burst into tears and ran out.


I wish I just had a normal life. I wish I could enjoy school like everyone else. But the only thing going through my mind the whole day while I’m there is, parents. Will they still be arguing? Will they ever stop? It’s like my mind has been hypnotised to only think about that, nothing else.


My music suddenly stopped and my door flung open. It was Cassie, a girl from school. ‘Hey, how do you get in?’ I asked startled.

‘I rang the doorbell several times, no-one answered, but I could hear the music coming from your headphones and let myself in,’ Cassie replied smiling.

‘What? Where are my parents, was anyone in the kitchen?’ I said nervous.

‘Not that I know of,’ Cassie said while looking at me strangely. I grabbed my phone, it was quite old and several cracks down the screen. I bought it from the charity shop for two quid as I couldn’t afford anything else. On the screen there was a notification. It read: 1 new message from Mum, I clicked it, and all the message read was the word bye in capitals.



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