Katie is a very talented young artist who wants to get the best out of life. However both her parents are constantly arguing over the smallest of things which makes Katie feel scared and lonely. She locks herself away in her room and plugs in her headphones which cuts off reality. Will her parents ever stop arguing and will she ever pluck up enough courage to leave home? Read about it here in the gripping new Movella.


1. My Life

I sat in the corner, headphones glued into my ears. I held my iPod tight in my right hand, turning the volume up, trying to cut out the screams. No matter how hard I tried they seemed to always get over me. I never dared to step a foot into the kitchen when Mum and Dad were both in there. I’d have to hide away, not making a sound. If I did, they would turn on me for getting in the way, or being selfish. I could never interrupt them when they were talking, it would be the worst thing I could ever do.

Mum and Dad had been having arguments like this from when I was around 6. It all started when my Mum swore at my Dad over something. My Dad made my Mum treat him like God. She had to obey him, do whatever he said. I didn’t understand arguments at this age, I just thought it was normal. My main passion when I was younger was to draw, it was the only way I could express my feelings without talking. The colours I used though was black. All my emotions were black.

I haven’t told anyone at High School about what happens at home, they’d all just turn on me, calling me pathetic. I knew that what happened at home wasn’t normal, when I got into Year 6 in Primary School, when everyone was talking about the Prom, I couldn’t go, I didn’t have enough confidence to ask my parents, their answer would just be no. I also felt like this whenever a school trip came up, we quite often had trips to the local Art museum, all the teachers said I should go. But I never did, I just couldn’t ask.

I am an only child so I get ever so lonely at home. I wish I had a sibling, to keep me company whilst Mum and Dad are busy shouting. Most of the time I don’t even know what they argue about, at the moment I think it’s because Dad didn’t give me a lift home from school. The most stupid things cause an argument that can last for days, maybe even weeks.

‘KATIE!’ I heard someone shout from the Kitchen. I leapt of the sofa in fright and slowly made my way into the room. ‘Do you want to come and live with me or your Dad?’ Mum asked me, I could see she had been crying, mascara was dripping down her face.

‘Um, I’m not sure,’ I replied quietly, I’d never been asked this before, I just used to live in hope that one day they would sort everything out and just get back in the relationship they were all in before all this happened. Now, I knew that this is what my life would consist of, choosing between Mum and Dad, whoever I chose, it would make the other parent upset. I hate upsetting people.

‘Katie, who do you want to live with? You can’t just live on your own,’ Dad said, I could tell he was getting angry, and in any second he was going to have another rage.

‘No-one, I’d rather be homeless, I don’t want to choose,’ I replied, and immediately regretted what I said as I knew it would start another argument, more screams.

‘Get to your room now you ungrateful little girl,’ Dad muttered to me. As soon as I left the room, I burst into tears.


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