Brooke Wilson: Master Sorceress

Living up to her fathers very high reputation of sorcery, poor Brooke had to come to terms with the fact that she would never be as good as her father. But one day when a huge teleporter beam, quickly forming a protection spell, Brooke just managed to save her and her father. Her father must train her to be come the Master Sorceress to bring down their enemy that ruined their town. (They cast spells by saying the words backwards)


4. Chapter 4

I was so happy, i had finally mastered another spell, a useful one as well, and the best thing was my father was so proud of me, I hadn't seen him this happy since my mother died, and that made me feel happy too! Although, the happiness ended pretty soon as is was now time to learn the fire spell 'Great' I thought, 'More element spells!' My father stretched out his arm and yelled 

"sisenikoryp!" Instantly the lamp in front of him spontaneously burst into flames, It was my attempt now, my time to shine. I copied my fathers speech and I must had said it wrong as the lamp turned into an ice sculpture, obviously my magic was still set on the ice spell, I attempted again and failed once more, it seemed at the time that whenever i took one step forward, I took two steps back. Yet again I tried but not even a puff of smoke came out, i was back at stage one, a pathetic excuse for a sorceress

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