Brooke Wilson: Master Sorceress

Living up to her fathers very high reputation of sorcery, poor Brooke had to come to terms with the fact that she would never be as good as her father. But one day when a huge teleporter beam, quickly forming a protection spell, Brooke just managed to save her and her father. Her father must train her to be come the Master Sorceress to bring down their enemy that ruined their town. (They cast spells by saying the words backwards)


3. Chapter 3

After the spell casting session, I went up to my room, my father always thought I  was listening to music or watching TV like a normal teenage girl, but little did he know that I studied witchcraft and sorcery all I could to try to improve my magic, to impress my father. I could not believe that all the studying I have done did absolutely nothing to my magical ability. 

The next day, I returned from school and power practice started immediately so I traveled to the basement, as usual, and prepared myself for the shittyest hour of my life. But I was wrong. "O.K Brooke, you will get this ice spell, repeat: sisenikoyrc!" my father said, this time, he was determined to not stop until I got this spell. "sisenikoyrc!" I yelled. and as I spoke, the rose held out in front of my began to turn to ice!! I was victorious, my spell had actually worked, I was overwhelmed. "Congratulations, I knew you could do it!" my father exclaimed. He ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug he had ever given me.

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