Brooke Wilson: Master Sorceress

Living up to her fathers very high reputation of sorcery, poor Brooke had to come to terms with the fact that she would never be as good as her father. But one day when a huge teleporter beam, quickly forming a protection spell, Brooke just managed to save her and her father. Her father must train her to be come the Master Sorceress to bring down their enemy that ruined their town. (They cast spells by saying the words backwards)


1. Chapter 1

"Brooke, can't you do anything right?" my father yelled. "Come on, it is a simple ice spell now repeat after me: sisenikoyrc!" I repeated but the spell failed. "Crap! Seriously, Dad, just admit it, I am not cut out for sorcery! I suck, the only spell I can do is the changing clothes spell! Face it, I'll never be as good as you!" I replied, it was true, I just knew, I would never be as good as dad, I wish I knew back then that I was so terribly wrong, I had the potential to be the greatest sorceress around!

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