A regular teenage girl, Brea, loves to write songs, and one day she decides to sing one of them for her friend. What she doesnt know is her friend, Maria is recording her and sends the song to the biggest boyband One Direction. This is where our story starts.


5. Touring Harry's Room

Brea's P.O.V

     " So this is my, sorry our room." He says to me and winks. " Where would you like to start the tour? The bathroom? Or we could make a detour straight to my bed." He snickers.

     " Let's start with the bathroom." I laugh. He laughs also and shows me around the room. Then he plops on top of the bed and pats the spot by him. I don;t know what else to do so I just stand there.

     " You gonna have a seat?" Harry says.

     " I'm good." I say kinda nervous.

     " I was just joking about the whole bed part and doing things." Harry looks to the floor like he's disappointed.

     " Oh, okay then." I sit on the bed by him. He looks pleased. I can't get Niall out of my head.

Harry's P.O.V

     She seems so focused on something. But what? " Are you okay Brea?"

     " Yeah why?" She asked confused.

     " I don't know. Just don't worry you'll be safe with us. We won't let anything or anyone hurt you. We're all very protective." I said worried that she was wanting to leave.

      " Okay thank you Harry." She said to me with a smile.

     I smile back.



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