A regular teenage girl, Brea, loves to write songs, and one day she decides to sing one of them for her friend. What she doesnt know is her friend, Maria is recording her and sends the song to the biggest boyband One Direction. This is where our story starts.


1. The Recording

 Brea's P.O.V

     "Hey Maria you want to come over?"  " Sure be there in a jiffy!" okay so i gotta get everything ready! As im looking for everything i hear a knock on the door, it's Maria. " Hey come on in!" i smiled at her as she walked in. " Why did you want me to come over?" she asked with a puzzled look. " Oh well i just wanted to see if you wanted to hear the song i wrote?" " Wow! Of course! You have never sang in front of anyone, even me .. and im your best friend!" I sang my song to her .. i was a little disappointed, she was on her phone the whole time! " How'd you like it?" " Brea, that was great!" phew what a relief! " I enjoyed listening to you, but i gotta do a few things, so i'll see you around?" " yeah of course." i was upset she had to leave but it'll give me time to clean up.

Maria's P.O.V

     " Hello this is Maria Johnson, i have a recording of my friend singing a song she wrote, do you think you could play it for One Direction and see if they could possibly sing it? She would call herself but she doesnt know im doing this and she is very shy." " Well Maria, this is Paul, and i can see what i can do, no guarantees." " Thank you sooo much!" i was grinning from ear to ear! " Well send the recording to this number and i will play it for them and call you back!" " okay thanks bye!" Then we hung up.

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