A regular teenage girl, Brea, loves to write songs, and one day she decides to sing one of them for her friend. What she doesnt know is her friend, Maria is recording her and sends the song to the biggest boyband One Direction. This is where our story starts.


2. Radio

Brea's P.O.V

   ( 3 weeks later )

  I got a weird call from Maria telling me to turn on the radio, so i did. OMG! my song was on the radio! But it wasn't me singing it? It was the biggest boyband One Direction! I'm not to crazy bout them, but they can sing! How did they get my song? " Hello." " MARIA! why is my song on the radio? and why is One Direction singing it?!?!?!" I was bout to have a nervous break down. " Aren't I just the greatest best friend that walked on this Earth?" " Maria, please tell me." " Okay well, I recorded you singing it and i sent it to Paul, their manager, and he played it for them and now they want to sing it!" " You didnt ask me first?" I was getting mad!! " Nope! Oh and they want to meet you, next monday and have you stay till the sunday after that week!" she said so excited. " so will you go?" " I guess!" " Okay i'll tell Paul to book your flight to Nashville, Tennessee!" She hung up after that,i have to admit im pretty excited!

Maria's P.O.V

     " Hello Paul this is Maria." " Hi Maria, did she agree to come?" "Yep, book her a flight!" " Definitely will. Tell her when she gets to the airport to just tell the lady her name and she will get her ticket." he sounded a little excited. " I will do!" We hung up, i ran to her house as fast as i could.

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