A regular teenage girl, Brea, loves to write songs, and one day she decides to sing one of them for her friend. What she doesnt know is her friend, Maria is recording her and sends the song to the biggest boyband One Direction. This is where our story starts.


8. KFC

Harry's P.O.V

     I can't believe my eyes. Brea and Niall walk into KFC with their fingers intertwined. Liam was right. Niall does fancy Brea. I have to step up my game. I'll woo her tonight. We all sit down in a booth and start to eat. From the edge to the inside it's me, Brea, and Niall. Other side is Liam, Zayn, and then Louis.

     " Who wants to go to the movies or something afterward?" Louis asked.
     " Nah I think we should go back to the house and get to know Brea." I look at her and smile a real big cheesy grin.

     She laughs. " I wouldn't mind that. I would like to get to know you all better too!" We all nod in agreement.

     " Then it's settled. Home here we come!" Liam laughed. So did we. We were all getting ready to leave.

     "  Brea I want you to ride with me this time." I say and grin.

     " Alright." She smiled back.

Niall's P.O.V

     I knew he would do that. Of course he wants to get to know Brea.

     " So i guess that means I'm riding with Niall." Liam spoke.

     " NOOOO! I want Liam!" Louis whinned. We all laughed.

     " Fine take him. I would rather have Zayn anyway." I say joking with him.

     " Well I see who loves me more." Liam said laughing.

     " I don't who you all ride with. I got Brea." Harry said and winked at her. She giggled. Why did she giggle? Does she fancy him back? Ugh I'm confused.

     " Legoo!" Louis said then snapped and walked out of KFC. We all just burst out laughing.  

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