A regular teenage girl, Brea, loves to write songs, and one day she decides to sing one of them for her friend. What she doesnt know is her friend, Maria is recording her and sends the song to the biggest boyband One Direction. This is where our story starts.


9. Getting To Know Each Other

Brea's P.O.V

      We make it home. The car ride wasn't bad. We listened to music and sang. We didn't talk that much. I was kinda glad, I mean what was there to say?

     " Okay who wants to go first?" Liam asked.

     " I will!" Zayn said. " So Brea what made you start writing songs?"

     " Well I started out writing poems, but then I would hear a beat and put it to the poem, and I had a song." I smiled pleased with myself.

     " My turn!!!" Louis jumped up and raised his hand in the air and started waving it around. " Okay mines a little tough."

     " Hit me with it." I laugh

     " Which one us us would a rape, marry, and kill?" They all started laughing.

     " Really? I couldn't decide where to eat and you're asking me this?" I laughed and so did the others. " Okay well, marry Liam"

     "Aww weally?" He asked with a cheecky grin.

     " Haha yeah." I smiled back. " Kill Louis."

     " UHHH!! Why!?!?" He gasped.

     " I don't know I just feel the urge." We all laughed.

     " I'll answer the next part for you, rape me." Harry said and winked.

     " Sure why not!" I laughed and so did Harry.

     " What body part are you most uncomfortable with?" Niall said and they all laughed.

     " I guess it would be my legs." I said

     " Well you shouldn't be." Niall smiled.

     " Thank you Niall." I blushed.

     " Anytime babe." He said. Which made me blush again.

     " What's your strangest talent?" Liam asked.

     " Uh well I can put both of my legs around my neck and walk on my hands." I giggled.

     " Nuh uh? That's awesome!" Zayn said.

     " Show us!!" Louis said clapping his hands excited.

     " Haha. Okay!" So I did it.

     " Wow that's amazing." Niall said in awe.

     " Gee thanks guys!" I giggle.

     " My turn." Harry winked at me. " Gotta save the best for last. Brea, Will you be my girlfriend?"

     What? Did he just ask me that? We've known each other for what .. 5 hours? " Harry .. " I begin to say, then he cuts me off.

     " Listen I know we just met but I can't help my feelings." He said. Everyone just sat there. Shocked.

     " Sorry I can't." I got up and walked into our room.

Liam's P.O.V

     " HARRY! Why would you do that?" I yelled. Niall walked into his and Zayn's room.

     " I don't know." He said and looked toward the floor.

     " I'll go check on Niall." Zayn said.

     " I'll go check on Brea." Louis said. I nodded at both of them.

     " Harry, you said you were gonna back off. That's not backing off." I was kinda getting angry now.

     " Niall sure isn't backing off!" Harry yelled right back at me.

     " Niall didn't say he would." I said starting to calm down a bit. " Now you should apologize to both Niall and Brea."

     " No I'll apologize to Brea but not Niall." Harry stormed off.

Brea's P.O.V

     Did he just ask me out? Why? I'm so confused. I fancy Niall and Harry. Why did I say no to him? I probably just crushed his heart. Niall probably doesn't even fancy me. There's a knock on the door that interupts my thoughts.

     " Brea it's Louis can i come in?"

     " Yeah, hold on." I walk to the door and let him in. I just collapse on the bed. Louis sits down beside me.

     " Brea I'm sorry for what happened out there. Harry doesn't know how to control himself around pretty girls." He smiles.

     " Thanks Louis. And it's okay, I guess." I smile back at him.

     " Do you fancy Harry?" Louis asked.

     I was shocked. Did he really just ask me that? do i answer truthfully? I guess I should. I sigh. " I guess I do. Well sorta."

     " What do you mean about sorta?" He asks.

     " Well I kinda fancy Niall too." I looked at the floor. " Is that a bad thing? That I fancy two different people?" I ask him.

     " No! Of course not. I happen to know that Niall and Harry of course, fancies you too!" Louis smiles.

     " Great. This makes things harder." I say. Louis chuckles. " Thank you Louis."

    " No problem Brea, I'm here for you, you can always come to me to talk about anything!"

   " Thanks again!" I laugh. He gives me a hug and walks out. Now who to chose Niall or Harry?

Authors note

Who are you for? comment below!! Thanks (:


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