A regular teenage girl, Brea, loves to write songs, and one day she decides to sing one of them for her friend. What she doesnt know is her friend, Maria is recording her and sends the song to the biggest boyband One Direction. This is where our story starts.


13. Double Revenge

Brea's P.O.V

     I wake up from a wonderful night! Wait how did I get in my bed? I look over at Harry's bed. He's still asleep. I reach over toward the stand to grab my Iphone. It's not there!! Why isn't it there?!?!! Maybe I just left it in Niall's car. I get out of bed and walk towards Harry's. I grab his phone to look at the time. 10:30 a.m. It's 10:30. I'll wake up Harry just for the fun of it! " HARRY! HARRY! HARRY! WAAAAKKKKKEEEE UUUUUPPPPPP!!!!" I yell at him and jump on his bed. He then grabs my ankle and makes me fall down beside him. We both laugh. " You're awake!" I look at him and smile.

     " I don't know how?" He laughed. " It was so quiet in here!" He laughed some more. I laughed too.

     " Why did you wake me up? Is it 11? Cause that's what I set my alarm for?" He asked looking puzzled. I just giggled.

     " Weeelll. No. It's 10:30." I gave him a smirk.

     " I see." He grinned and got out his phone and took a picture of me.

     " NOOO!" I screamed at him and hid under the blankets.

     He laughed then said. " Check your phone."

     I uncover my head and look at him. " I don't have it with me. Please just tell me you sent it to me."

     He grew a huge smile. " Can't promise anything."

     I sighed. I bet he put that on instagram or twitter. Great! Now the world will see me at my worst. The morning look.

     " Where's your phone then if you don't have it?" He asked.

     " I think I left it in Niall's car." I said.

     " Right. How'd last night go?" He smiled. " Did you get some?" He started laughing.

     " Shut up!" I smacked him in the chest. Not hard, just playfully. " No, But it was wonderful!"

     " Did you kiss?" He looked serious this time. Weird.

     " I don't tell!" I laughed and got up. He shoved me and laughed.

     " So you did?" He winked. I just smiled and started walking over to Niall and Zayn's room.

                                * KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK *

     " Hey babe! Come on in." Niall smiled at me.

     " Where's your keys?" I asked him.

     " On the dresser, why?" He asked me with a curious look on his face.

     " I think I left my phone in the car." I said to him still looking for his keys.

     He laughs. " Oh it's over on that stand." He points to the stand next to his bed.

     " Why was it in here?" I asked him.

     "Well when I carried you into your room I had put your phone in my pocket so I wouldn't drop it or lose it. Then I realised that it was still in my pocket when I got into bed, Soooo I just left it on the stand." He gave me a cheeky grin.

     " I think I can believe that." I giggled and grabbed my phone and put it in my pocket. He giggled also. I walk over to the window and stare out at the fans. It's crazy how they stay all night outside just to hopefully get a glimpse of them. I feel his strong arms wrap around my waist.

     " I have to talk to you in private later." He whispered in my ear. I could feel his breath against my neck, it soothed me. I coould tell he smiled. He kissed my neck. Which made me giggled even more.

     " Ewww I wake up to this!" Zayn threw a pillow at us. Thanks for ruining the moment Zayn. I thought to myself.

     " Okay I'll talk to you later." I smiled and got on my tippy toes to kiss his cheek. He kissed mine.

     " Later." He walked me to the door then hugged me, as we were hugging he nuzzled his head into my neck. I thought the butterflys were just gonna burst out of my stomache. The he shut the door, sadly breaking the hug. I walk into mine and Harry's room. He's not in here. " Harry!" I shout. " Where are you?"

     "Bathroom." He hollers back.

     " Oh.. Alright then." I sit down on my bed and look at my Iphone. CRAZY notifications from twitter. I get on twitter and find I have so much more fllowers! 900k, wow! I get on Niall's twitter to see if he's tweeted any. Then I see it. A picture of me last night sleeping in his car! I'm going to kill him. 637.6k retweets and 790k favorites. Great, just great. Most of the replies are sweet like " Aww Nisllers finally got a princess!" Then there were the rude ones like " @NiallOfficial eww get that whore out of your car!" Ouch. That hurt. But I can't let it get to me. I have to get off his page or I'm gonna cry. I'll get on Harry's and see if he posted that picture of me this morning. I swear if he did. Of course it's on there! @Harry_Styles- What a beautiful face to wake up to! Haha love you @Brea_Hampton :) x. A bunch of favorites and retweets like Niall's picture. The comments were just the same, some were sweet, and some not so much. I go to my page to tweet. @Brea_Hampton- Hey directioners I'm glad you all have excepted me into the fandom! You guys are the best! Much love xx" WOW! So many retweets and favorites already. Now I just have to get a bad picture of Harry and Niall and we'll be even! " Oh Harry?" I say in a little kid voice.

     " Oh Brea!" He says back in the same voice as I did.

     " Are you almost done?" I ask him.

     " Yep." He says. Good I have my Iphone already on camera and aiming it at the door. He walks out and I snap the photo. I take off running.

     " I don't think so!" He says laughing and starts chasing me. I turn around and run past him into the bathroom and lock the door.

     " Come on Brea! Open up." He laughs.

     " Not just yet." I laugh.

     @Brea_Hampton- Oh @Harry_Styles revenge is SO sweet!" I post it on twitter. His hair is a mess and he has no shirt just basketball shorts on. I walk out with a smile on my face. " Done." I smirk at him.

     " What did you do?" He grabs my arm smiling, but trying to hide the fact he is.

     " I don't know why don't you check your twitter?" I laugh.

     He gasps. " You wouldn't?" He grabs his heart like he's shocked.

     " But I did." I get out of his grip and lay on my bed. He lays by me.

     " At least I look hot!" He laughs.

     " Sure you do bed head." I laugh and he joins in. I tweet Niall.

     @Brea_Hampton- You're next (; @NiallOfficial

Niall's P.O.V

     I get a tweet from Brea saying " You're next (; @NiallOfficial" What's that supposed to mean? I'm looking at her tweets. She posted a bad picture of Harry. Haha she found the found the one of her sleeping in my car. And Harry posted a picture of her this morning. So she's gonna try to get a bad picture of me huh? I don't think so! I'm to photogenic. Actually I'm not, but I'm not gonna let her know that. I tweet her back.

     @NiallOfficial- It's on like donkey kong! @Brea_Hampton.

     I decide to tweet and follow some fans. It makes them happy.

Brea's P.O.V

     Me and Harry are laying in my bed watching Titanic when we hear a knock on the door. " I'll get it" I say.

     " Good I wasn't gonna get up." He smirked.

     " Shut up!" I smacked his chest. Not hard just playfully. " Hey babe! Come in. Me and Harry were just watching a movie." I smiled at him and sat on Harry's bed. Niall sat beside me.

     " Titanic?" Niall laughs. " You're a tough man Harry!"

     " Be quiet Niall!" Harry rhrows a pillow at Niall. We all Laugh.

     " Ready for our date?" Niall smiles.

     " Date?" I didn't know we had a date.

     " Uhm, yeah. Don't you remember I said I wanted to talk to you kater." He said. Him and Harry were just staring at me.

     " I didn't think it was a date just a talk, but it'll only take me a minute to get ready! Hold on." I smiled at him. " Don't go anywhere." I winked at Niall.

     " I wouldn't leave you for the world." He said. That made me blush. I walked in the bathroom to get ready. I was done in about 5 minutes. I walk out and Niall just smiles at me.

     " You look beautiful babe." He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me close to him.

     " Get a room." Harry laughs and throws a pillow at us.

     " Ready to go?" I ask him. He walks to the door and opens it.

     " After you." He smiles.

     " See you later Harry." I smile and wave at him.

     " Goodbye." He smiles and waves back. We walk out and Niall closes the door.

     " So where are we going?" I ask Niall.

     " A restruant." He replies.

     " What restruant?" I ask him and giggle.

     " It's a surprise." He giggles and puts his arm around me.

                                                                    1 hour later

     " We're here." He smiles at me.

     " Nando's." I laugh.

     " Yep! I thought I would take someone special to me somewhere special to me!" He laughs.

     " This will be our special place." I smile. He smiles back and kisses my forehead. It makes me blush. I'm falling hard and fast for this boy. We walk up to the hostess.

     " Horan reservation." He says to the lady.

     " Right this way." She smiles at us and grabs two menus. Our table has a rose and two candles on it. How cute! Niall is just too adorable!

     " For you." He pulls out my chair and hands me the rose.

     " Why thank you Niall." I blush and kiss his cheek which makes him blush.

     " So why did you bring me too such a special place?" I giggle.

     " Let's order first." He smiles. It's like he knows it's torturing me not to know what's going on. The lady comes and takes our order. We both get Peri Peri chicken with a Pepsi.

     " You have pretty good taste in food!" Niall laughs.

     " As you do!" I laugh as well. " So you gonna tell me now?"

     " When we get our food." He smiles a cheecky grin.

     " How long is that gonna take?" I whine.

     He laughs. " That long." He nods his head in the direction our waitress is coming from.

     " Great!" I laugh.

     " Dig in!" He smiles.

     We start eating and WOW is it good?! I haven't had Nando's forever. Niall takes a bite of his food and I snap a photo of him. It's so funny I start laughing out loud. I put it on Twitter. " @Brea_Hampton - My sexy date. hahha (; @NiallOfficial"

     " What?" Niall smiles at me.

     " Just check your Twitter later." I giggle.

     " Right. Later we're on a date." He says. He clears his throat. " So you wanna know why I brought you to such a special place?" He smiles.

     " Yes!" I say.

     He laughs. " Well I have an important question."

     " Hit me with it." I smile. Was he gonna ask me out? Gonna ask me to go on tour with them?

     He smiles back. " Well ..." He clears his throat again.

     I bet he's nervous. I am too. " Will you, Brea Hampton, be my girlfriend?"









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