Dani's House Returns, Episode 2

Ruby is left at Dani's House. Dani needs help fast becuase Zarina is on the warpath, what is Dani gonna do? Will she get fired?


3. Aliens On There Way.

Scene 8

In the U.F.O and the Space aliens are packing.

Zark: Ok, so I have sorted everything out.

Zang: Tell me what we have packed.

Zark: Well the transporter, mind wiper, sandwich’s, shocolate bars and our autograph books.

Zang: Take out all the autograph books.

Zark: Oh fine. (She does this)

Zang: Ok, I am ready to go.

Zark: What?!

Zang: I am going.

Zark: No, we both are going.

Zang: Fine, get something to drink I hate oater.

Zark: Ok fine! (She runs out the room)

Zang: (He takes the transporter and transporters himself by pressing a button and vanishes, he disappears and Zark enters)

Zark: Ok, let’s go- (She looks around) Oh, no! He left me; he needs a taste of his own medicine.

          Scene 9

Ruby is in the kitchen looking through Zang things.

Ruby: Tell me again, why didn’t Zark come, both of you love coming to Earth. (There is a quick flashback of Scene 8)

Zang: (Quickly) She was sleeping and didn’t want me to disturb her.

Ruby: By the way, you can’t let Dani see you. She still doesn’t know that we have best friends which are aliens.

Zang: (Sulking) Fine!

Ruby: Are you ready?

Zang: Let’s go!

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