Young Life

A short monologue about my life and how I cope.


1. Waiting For The Unexpected


There is a wall. On one side it is my parents; on the other are me and my sister. Crying I sat there losing faith in God, losing the faith of love. Every second that passes by is anticipating, not knowing what will happen. There are loud noises, but I don’t understand why. I am only 9 years old; I am just starting to figure out life but am stopped short. Would I lose him? My sister understands everyone does, except me. They won’t tell me, they won`t utter a sound. It felt as if my brain was going to explode. I was just sitting there not knowing what was happening around me. I felt as if I was the odd one out. People were comforting me, telling me it would be alright, but I don’t understand. They told me that they would get back together, but whom was the question. For everyone’s sake I was only 9. With my life I had to wait for the unexpected.

Fear grew in me. I was starting to understand. I wanted to run away, as far as I could and wish it was all a dream, a nightmare. But if wishes were fishes we would all be throwing nets. See that is life, there is no option the path has already been decided. I wanted to scream, run through the door and scream. As fear grew on me I rushed through the door, only to see my uncle get thrown out of the house and his clothes landing on him. Tears filled my eyes, my uncle who was with me since I was born. This could not be right, out of everyone he was the only one I could talk to, and he was a friend more than an uncle. I took the closest object that was next to me and smashed it. Anger ran through me, pumping my blood faster. Fear grew on me, I was already thinking ahead, when a hand came in contact with my face. 

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