Young Life

A short monologue about my life and how I cope.


3. History Repeating Itself


Months passed, I was getting over the truth until he reappeared outside the house. He had the keys and walked in. Anger, rage surged through me, wanting to kill him. Again a fight, between them, him asking if he could start again. History was repeating itself. I knew what was next and exactly how it was all going to end, but I am infrangible nothing would be able to break me not even the presence of him, I have learnt how to deal. He`s gone from my life, far gone. She sat there crying, begging him to go and leave. He doesn’t, I can`t stand anymore, these lies, history repeating itself. I go to the kitchen, return with a sharp silver object. A knife. I would kill him, I won`t care, the damage he has done is enough and does not need to be repeated again ever. I go up to him, with anger, selfishness. Everyone is shocked, I don’t care what I have to go through after this, but it would be worth it, he would be gone and I would live peacefully without his disturbance. But I never got the chance to change my life.



Years went by my pain decreased, but there is still a small fraction of me which wants to kill him, make his family go through the same pain we went through. Make them cry the same amount as me, everyone. I want them to feel how it is to lose someone close to you. I want to kill him, release the little pain that is bothering me and carry on with my life happily without him or his family. He deserves to die; he is just a waste of air.

I will kill my father.

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