Young Life

A short monologue about my life and how I cope.


2. For The First Time


He slapped me, for the first time. My emotions were high, screaming through me. I had lost control over myself. I went screaming into him but just got pushed, hard. I went into the wall banging my head. I fell to the ground, hearing her scream. I felt a hand as I was dragged up the stairs, but didn’t not know who`s it belonged to. As I opened my eyes, I could hear his and her voice. My life was over, it was finished. Humiliation ran through me, we were all going to be torn apart. Days went by, the closest people to me came comforted me, tried to put everything together. It was not working; once a thread had been cut it could not be put back together.

He was gone; the door was closed on all of our lives. Days seemed to go by; each day was filled with sorrow. For me, hope, it was filled with hope that he would come back realizing his mistakes, but he didn’t. Time had stopped, life had ended. I got a call from him; he told me he was coming back. My heart brightened things changed; I felt my life coming back to me and time slowly starting again. I waited for hours until midnight, sitting on sofa curled up with a blanket waiting. Yet he never showed up, he made a promise which he broke. Realisation hit me, he is never going to leave her and come back, but he would never do that. He loves her more than us. 


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