War Poems

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  • Published: 26 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 26 Feb 2013
  • Status: Complete
Poems to express the effects and results of war.


4. Your Soldiers


I’m sorry to say,

Your family will not return today,

They served the country well, and now hear the Church Bell,

Echoing the sound,

Of celebration all around,

War has stopped,

Balloons pop,

As we remember those who fell.

And people will tell of this monstrous time,

Sometimes in song, or dance, or rhyme.

But I shall assure they will not be forgotten.

For it was those who gave they’re lives,

In the mud, rotten.

But they shall live on forever.

Never to fade,

Now the crosses to remember them are laid,

For those who will never cease to exist.

They shall live on, in our hearts and minds

That soldier, one day in heaven, you will find.



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