War Poems

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  • Published: 26 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 26 Feb 2013
  • Status: Complete
Poems to express the effects and results of war.


3. Sit Tight (In response to Jessie Pope's "Who's for the Game?"




Jessie, I tell you, war is no game.

I think that you should be filled with much shame.

I tell you now, I would sit tight,

to save my life from a dangerous fight.


I will not shoot on the cry of ‘Go!’

But I can give my country a hand,

But I shan’t stoop so low and follow this dangerous band.


I have not shouldered a gun that much,

But having the agony of a crutch,

Brings such agony and pain, bit by bit.

No one will take your own single hit.


I shall not come along and I will not fight,

But hear me Jessie, on this night,

I know myself I have to be true, so I think I’d rather sit tight than help you.

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