O Wand'ring Knight of Dunderdown.

The short and lyrical tale of a Knight who ventured the far-off and long-lost land of Dunderdown - Without cause or ambition. But is his wandering, perhaps, the very cause he seemingly forgoes...?

I wrote this as part of a wider story. :) Never did finish it, though.


1. O Wand'ring Knight of Dunderdown.


Man and beast alike he sought,

And both in kind he gladly fought.

No Knight of peace nor war nor crown,

O Wand’ring Knight of Dunderdown.


Forest to forest and wood to wood,

He’d merrily travel wherever he would.

No Knight of Kingly quest was he,

O Wand’ring Knight of duty free.


If come upon a tavern he should,

A round of ale and a bed if he could.

He’d stay the night and through the day,

O Wand’ring Knight life whisked away.


And by the morning no trace to find,

Of him, but one gold coin behind.

But where he went not one would know,

O Wand’ring Knight from to and fro.


Home or no, on the road he’d be,

No family or friend to love and see.

One travelling man in endless plight,

From Dunderdown, the Wand’ring Knight.


~ LadyDreya.

Do comment! (: Any critique is much appreciated.

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