Dani's House Returns, Episode 1

Dani has a brand new house, everything is going fine, but Max has to live there too. Max needs a job, will Dani help him, or does everything go wrong. Meanwhile, Ruby tries to show Jack her new phone, when Jack tries to get one of his own everything goes wrong.


2. Max's Revenge

Scene 5

Maisy, Megaboyd and Ben enter the room. Max is sitting on his bed.

Ben: Hi, Max! Welcome back! (Ben sits next him) This is Mai-

Max: I know all their names I am just so upset. I lost it as a singer, I had everything and then I lost it. I just want things to go back the way they were.

Maisy: What, you mean like a pranker?

Megaboyd: Megaboyd, Maisy and Ben will help you pull the best prank that we have ever done.

Ben: That will clear your mind of things.

Max: That’s it, if my life gets worse, then Dani’s life does as well.

          Scene 6

The doorbell rings and Dani and Ruby answer it.

Dani: (Opening the door) Yes! It’s the script for McHurties. (Opens it up and reads it)

Ruby: What’s it about, I bet it will be exciting?

Dani: Doctor StrangeBottom says, (Manly voice) No, no, we are losing her, oh no she is dead.

Ruby: Whose dead, read on!

Dani: (Still in a manly voice) She was our best nurse.

Ruby: Yes! Nurse Thorn is dead, now I am back in the game!

Dani: W-w-w-wait! Nurse Thorn isn’t dead, (reading through the script) it’s me, I am being killed off in this episode. (She throws the script in the air, it lands in the sink.)

Ruby: It’s a typo, don’t worry talk to Zarina, I bet you it is all a miss understanding.

Dani: It really better be because if it is not, I am fired! What happens if it isn’t, it will be the end of my career. I thought that I was becoming the lead star but instead I am being fired. (Gasp) What’s Alex gonna say? He will be so devastated.

Ruby: Whose gonna tell him the news?

Dani: Why do I have to tell him the news?

Ruby: Well he is coming today. 

Dani: Oh yeah! What shall I do?!

Ruby: Well I told you, acting is a make or break career.

Dani: Being a doctor is make or break career too. What happens if there are no people who are sick, what are the doctors going to do?

 Ruby: Well at least they won’t get fired!

Dani: Your right!

Ruby: Yay! (Singing) Go Ruby, go Ruby, go Ruby, go-

Dani: (She throws a pillow at her) Snap out of it!

Ruby: (The doorbell rings) That will be Alex, tell him the news and don’t be nervous. (Dani goes and answers the door and there is Alex)

Alex: Is it true?

Dani: Well!

Scene 7

Alex is sitting on the sofa with Dani.

Dani: I really didn’t see this coming.

Alex: Me either.

Dani: I didn’t know, I just found out today. I’m so sorry.

Alex: I know and we won’t even be able to see each other.

Dani: Yeah we will.

Alex: But you will be in America.

Dani: What?

Alex: I know and I am sorry to say this but I can’t handle another long distance relationship. So maybe we should... split up.

Dani: What are you talking about? I will still be here; I’m not going to America.

Alex: But it said that you are moving to America and never coming back on you text.

Dani: I sent you a text, wow, I can’t believe I sent you a text and wasted my credit on my phone. And haven’t you noticed yet, (Shouting) I LOST MY PHONE!

Alex: (Gets you his phone out of his pocket and finds the text, he finds it) Here it is!

Dani: (Reading the text) Alex, I am sorry to say this but I am moving to America. I have got a better job than a rubbish (Confused) fairy liquid opera. (Stop reading the text) Well that doesn’t sound like me.

Alex: But see, I told you. You did write a text.

Dani: This was Ben!

Alex: How do you know?

Dani:  He spelt text, test and moving, mofing.

Alex: I told you it was a prank pulled by your annoying brother.

Dani: But why?

Alex: Maybe because he is bored and has nothing to do. Show me the script.

Dani: Ok.

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