Four children who think they have noting in common, find out that they are more connected that they ever thought they would be. The mysterious bond leads them to what seems like a lifetime of adventure, dangerous, deadly but fastanating. The one problem is, that if one of them fails then they will all come tumbling down.


1. Tal

It was obvious, wasnt it? The answer was 34. Why was everyone in this maths set so utterly dumb, couldn't they understand the equation scribled on the whiteboard in dribbling blue ink. I couldn't blame anyone the writing was like the little dashes on a scanning barcode. Our teachers approach to the subject wasnt to exuberant either. His voice was the same tone recorded and repeatedly reapeated to make you fall asleep. My mate Michael was next to me with a red pen in his hand drawing inapropriet pictures up his arm. Luke was infront of me, he was what looked like chatting up lorraine a blone girl with shoulder lenghth hair and a flirty look was masked over her pale face. The funny thing was that 50% of the class was sitting there, with their backs straight up on the rear of the chair, squinting at their notes to reaveal the answer. But it just wasn't working. I was sitting on my chair leaning backwards with my arms crossed, lolling my head back and forth. I breathed in heavily and let out a sigh wich clearly told Mr Blastenbury that was bored and too cool for this class.

"Ah, Tal, so nice of you to offer to answer the question."Mr Blastenbury was trying to prompt me, but I avoided the hint and started swinging on my chair. " Tal that does mean you answer the question!" He joked but no-one laughed at his very dry sence of humour."Now" he urged

"Oh I know that. " I retorted. " I'm just thinking if I should say the answer. I dont want to embarrass you but your writing lookes like wriggling worms so I can't read it."

"And what do you propose I do about it then?" Blastenbury demanded.

"I don't know, your the teacher here, maybe go to a handwriting specialist?" The whole maths set chortled with laughter.Mr Blastenburys cheesy grin wiped of his face and by the way he looked at me with his square shaped glasses balancing on the tip of his nose, I could tell he wasn't the slightest bit impressed.

"You always seem to have an answer for everything don't you Tal, why do you not have an answer for my question that you are making a big deal about?"

"But your-" I was cut off and by blastenbury the last person i would expect to be rude.

"honestly Tal, do you have any manners? And is he like this with various other teaches aswell or it just me he has a issue with?"

"He's like this in other classes aswell" The people in my form chorused.'Well thanks for the friendly spirit.' I thought to myself.

"I am serious Tal any more of your childish nonsence and your out of here and with a detention coming your way aswell!"

"Alright alright, I'll answer it, keep your mole on!" I whispered under my breath quietly enough for the whole class to hear and not Mr Blastenbury. Michael sniggered next to me and so did luke followed by a hissing wave of the other members of set 3. 

"Enough of that now. Tal are you going to answer the question or not?"

"hmmm." Pause. "maybe, maybe not" I'll answer wrong just to keep my reputation. "Would the answer be 27?"

"Not exactly, no. The correct answer was actually 34. I want to set you page 224 from the 8A book, exercize 7G. Now pack your stuff away. Unfortunatly by the time our Tal here has wrongly answered my simple question I would make that quarter to four." Mr Blastenburys voice was almost buried under all the racket of people either shoving books away whilst jabbering or kicking around furnature and flicking elastic band catuputs with paper around the room. 

My answer was correct, 34. It was a shame I didnt say it or maybe I would be noticed for something other than being the thick, idiotic class clown. Michael grabbed by bag and placed it on my back and tried to yank me out of the damp class room full of sweaty vapour, but something told me by the words coming out of Blastenburys mouth that he wanted to see be after the class wich was now after school as the bell had just gone. I strolled over to him but my eyes got hooked onto a girl entering my form and maths room. Maya, she was as beautiful as her name was. She lumbered forwards and straight past me wafting her sweet smelling fragrant aroma into my nostrils pumping my heart faster. Her ebony black ringlets bounced on and of her Shoulders and the hair on either side of her head was clipped back. I put my hands on the table and lent back, propping myself up with only my arms. I turned back to look at Blastenbury flushed red face, he looked as if he was about to blast off himself. His hair was cut short with a receeding headline and a bald patch in the middle, on the top part of his head. His colourless eyes looked as if they were changing colour to a dark shade of green. I must have been mistaken yet his temper wasn't usually this high. I had only seen him issue two detentions before and even though he shouted occasionally I had never noticed the blue veins thickening and bulging out of his temple. He looked some-what bigger than he usually was. He took a giant stride closer and as if Maya wasn't in the room he roared at me.

"You decieving idiot! Think your the Mr know it all? hhmmm. If i had the right piece of mind i'd show you who's the leader in this hour. When your in my room, you are under my conditions am I clear?"

I was so alarmed by his temper and expresions that I was lost for words.

"Yes" I said gently

"I said am I clear?"

"Yes umm Sir- Mr, um Mr Blastenbury-Sir"

Mr blastenbury suddenly changed the subject so drasticaly I wasnt sure that the last few minuets were true. I had to took at Maya for reasurance and her petrified look was enough to convince me. It was like Blastenbury hadn't realised he had said all those things.

" I am appauled at you behavoir in my class. Why do you abuse my rules and never listen , you don't do your work that I know that you can do perfectly well, you shouldn't be hanging around in set 3 you should be higher up in set 2 or even set 1, I can-"

"I'm really sorry to interupt" It was my turn to cut him off this time as I regarded sarcastically. " I need to take the bus home in around 2 minuets" I was really shooting sarcastic arrows through his throat. I knew I had a good 7 minuets, but just to get the hell out of here, and for Maya's sake.

"Bye" I regarded as I gestured to Maya to head for the door. I let her go through the before slamming the door on Mr Blastenbury. I was a bit puzzled about his swift mood change but at the moment I was walking with Maya. 

"Thanks Tal. That was a bit creepy, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I try just to ignore it. And no problem, you looked terrified and faint. you know if you fainted, i probably would've as well!"

"Like a domino?" she suggested

"Hhmm, yeah, like a domino." I agreed. She laughed. I laughed. We both laughed.

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