How to Grow up (for beginners)

Harriet is a 12 nearly 13 year old girl. With a wierd and wacky family, amaing friends and a very horrible set of boys to deal with, with Harriet finally begin to grow up and become a teenager? Or will she stay the little girl and never get a boyfriend...Find out now!


3. The Party


Saturday 16th June

My Birthday!

OMG what an amazing crazy day!! I woke up at 7 because I was so excited and couldn't sleep. Mum and Dad brought me my presents and I got loads of boring stuff that I hadn't put on my birthday list, like socks and a new duvet cover but the final presents were amazing. One was from Jade and Alex. It was the really pretty dress from Jack Wills I had wanted for over two months. It's green and black checkered with a thin black belt around the middle. It has quite a low neck and had two really thin straps. It's quite tight around the top and loose at the bottom. To make it up to me, Emily has bought me a 'push up and plunge' bra that doesn't need stuffing, it's gel filled! I didn't show mum that particular present...The next present was a pair of little black heels from Mum. They will go perfectly with the dress and I suddenly realised that they had bought these things specifically for today! The last parcel was from Dad. It was a beautiful necklace, real silver but with a purple sparkling heart on it. I realised it was a locket and opened it. Inside was a picture of Mum and Dad on one side and Katie, Alex and Jade on the other side. It must have been really expensive and I was really surprised. I gave everyone hugs (even though Alex, Jade and Katie were asleep, Alex grunted Jade yawned and Katie started screaming)


I had a shower and washed my hair with my special raspberry and peach glitter shampoo and conditioner that leaves your hair shiny and smelling so good! I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I went into Jade's room with my hair in a towel and asked for her opinion. She told me to sit on her beauty chair and close my eyes. She prodded and poked about with my hair for what seemed like hours. Then she spent at least fifteen minutes blow-drying it then half an hour styling it. I wasn't allowed to look until she had finished with my hair and make-up, so I spent another forty-five minutes being brushed and wiped and prodded. When I was finally allowed to look I nearly fainted. My hair was not it's normal boring brown, but more caramel with chocolaty highlights. It was loosely curled so it looked natural and so soft and silky I could have been wearing a blanket over my head! I had much more of a side parting and Jade had curled the front bit so it looked like I had a fringe. It looked so amazing and smelt like summer! My face was almost unrecognisable! It was smooth and flawless, but still looked natural. My cheeks were slightly flushed and my lips were plumped and shimmering pink. My eyes looked stunning. My eyelids were light silver that sparkled when the light hit it. My eyelashes were long and thick, emphasized by a perfect line of eyeliner that flicked up at the end. I looked almost perfect! I gave Jade the biggest hug and told her she was the best sister ever!

"Yeah yeah, just call me amazing! Your welcome sis," she grinned at me. I rushed to my room and got changed. The dress fitted like a glove and with the heels on, I looked the best I had ever looked in my life!


At about 5 o'clock I was waiting outside Imax with Georgie, Ali and Alesha waiting for the others. At last Emily, Luke and Liam turned up. They were all really nice and said how pretty I looked. I asked where Lewis was but apparently he was going to be a bit late and would be there in about five minutes. I was a bit disappointed, but when mum handed me twenty quid and told me to buy sweets and popcorn for everyone and that I deserved it I quickly forgot all my Lewis worries and happily dashed about buying huge packets of sweets for everyone. I only had a tenner left so I got two extra large popcorns, one sweet one salty and hoped that would be enough. It was, they were GARGANTUAN!! We were just going in when Lewis came running up and gave me a massive hug. He smelt soooo good, like chocolate Lynx and a clean, boy smell.

"Wow, Hattie you look really sexy!! I didn't know it was legal to look that good!" He winked at me and I gave a very unattractive snort. Luckily, I don't think he noticed. I saw Emily look completely shocked and annoyed. Georgie, Ali and Alesha were giving me the thumbs up. We went into the screening and sat down, Alesha on my right, Luke on my left. Georgie was sitting next to Alesha with Lewis on her other side. Liam was sitting next to Luke with Emily next to him and Ali on the end. I handed out the sweets and Liam and Alesha were holding the popcorn. When the lights went out and the film started, Luke put his arm around the back of my seat. His hand kept moving down until it was around my shoulder. I leaned casually back into him, but he apologised and moved his arm.

“Spoilsport...” I muttered under my breath. I don't like Luke, but I guess I was kind of hoping for a bit of attention on my birthday!


The film was really good and when it was over, we all walked across to the park and sat for an hour until mum arrived to collect us. We laid together on the grass, chatting and discussing who we would all go for, Peeta or Gale. Suddenly, Luke asked me for a word in private and everyone started wolf-whistling. He took my hand and led me over to a bench surrounded by trees where we couldn't be seen. We sat down and he looked at me with his gorgeous eyes.

"Hattie, I really like you, your really pretty and sweet and nice," he paused and flushed slightly. "But I think you've got the wrong idea about us." My heart began to thud in that 'Oh god I know what's coming next' kind of way. “You keep flirting with me and acting really weird and I just want you to know I'm not interested. You're not my type and I think you need to stop embarrassing yourself.”

"I don't like you like that!" I laughed and shook my head at him. “Don't be so up yourself Luke!” I couldn't BELIEVE him, what nerve accusing me of liking him!

"Now whose going behind her friend's back with her friend's boyfriend? That's my man you've got your arm around Harriet Dawson, and if I was you, I would remove it RIGHT NOW!!" It was Emily. I hadn't noticed my arm was still around him. I pulled away and stood up.

“No Em, you've got the wrong idea about this...We aren't together, I don't like Luke like that!” Emily started scowling at me, her eyes saying quite clearly that she thought I was lying. “When did you two get together?” I said, all of a sudden confused.

“Yesterday, why didn't he tell you?” She sneered.

“Em don't be so mean, babes, me and Hattie are just mates!” Luke got up and crossed to Emily, where he kissed her full on.

“Right, okay I've just been randomly accused of being in love with Luke by himself and his girlfriend. Thanks guys.” I stalked off. Everyone was all sitting up anxiously when I returned to the picnic, and all seemed to know what had happened and rushed to me, giving me big hugs.

"He's just up himself Hattie, he thinks everyone's in love with him!" Lewis smiled at me.

"Thanks Lou, you're a pal! Come on girlies, I think Mum's here," I turned my back on Lewis and grinned at Alesha, Ali and Georgie. Emily and Luke came out of the bushes, looking pale and annoyed. I said a hurried goodbye to the boys and Emily, and dragged the girls off. As I suspected, mum was waiting for us in the car park. We were all really quiet on the way back, only speaking when Mum asked us a question. It was better when we got back and sat in my room.

"I can't believe what a little piece of poo Luke is, I thought he was alright!" Georgie sighed, patting my arm.

"I know! I've never fancied him and then he goes accusing me of ridiculous stuff! Is there something wrong with me, no guy likes me, they all turn me down..." I sniffed.

"No! You're perfect! Well, I think you should go out with Lewis, he's so cute and he's actually genuine. He knows what Emily is like and there's no way he would ever go out with her. He really likes you and is (I bet) a really good boyfriend!" Ali was looking at me with her favourite 'I know best' expression.

"OMG!! Ali you're totally right! Lewis and Hattie would be the perfect couple, plus it would show Liam and Luke what you're made of!" Alesha clapped her hands together and immediately started deciding what I would wear on our first date and what I should do as Lewis (like me) had never had his first kiss, before I reminded her that we weren't going out yet and I hadn't even said if I wanted to go out with him yet!

"What?? Why not Hattie! He's really nice and everything! You should ask him out tonight, I've got his number," Ali scrabbled around in her bag for her phone and immediately started tapping about trying to find his number. I shook my head.

"No, I'm not going to ask him out! If a boy wants me, then HE can ask me! I'm fed up of the chase!”

“Okay, then it's operation GLTLH, Get Lewis To Like Hattie...” Georgie grinned.

“This is going to be so much fun!”


That evening was absolutely fabulous. Alesha, Ali and Georgie were much better fun than Emily, who always hogged the limelight at all my other parties. We rated boys out of ten, talked about bodies, laughed at soppy texts that this year 11 had kept sending Ali and had an amazing tea that mum cooked, homemade pizza with homemade chips, it was so good and everyone complimented mum so she was happy! After that we got changed into our pj's and watched Justin Bieber Never say never, (they hated Justin Bieber at the beginning, by the end they were totally in love!) 27 Dresses, Beastly and (Alex Pettyfer is so perfect!) Knocked up (Alesha's choice). All the films were amazing and because my house is so big and my living room has no floor above it, we could have them quite loud and Mum didn't come down once! We finished watching the films at about 2 in the morning and we were all feeling sleepy. We had completely forgotten about the leftover sweets from the cinema and the 5 gigantic bags that Ali had brought, so we had a huge late midnight feast with the sweets, milkshakes from the fridge and my secret stash of tinned pineapple chunks (don't laugh, they are delicious!) We had a massive sugar high and had a game of truth or dare to calm down. Yeah right, we went even more hyper and when Ali was dared to go upstairs and get my hamster Trudy from my room, she did so and only failed in the fact that Alex came downstairs for the toilet and was very confused to see Ali with a tea towel stuffed in her mouth to stop her laughing, clutching a very confused Trudy sitting at the foot of the stairs trying to calm down as she had nearly wet herself with laughter.

At 3, we prank called Liam and he picked up! We knew how funny this was going to be, so we filmed it, but only on voice record, as we didn't want anyone finding out who it was on you tube! He was having a sleepover round Luke's and as Ali didn't have his number; we used her phone and did a 1471. I did the voice and this is what I said.

"Hello????" (I said it in a really heavy Welsh accent)

"Hi, um, who is this?" (OMG it was hilarious, Liam sounded so scared!)

"This is Cheryl Cole calling from Star Caller on radio One!" (We had decided that it was going to be the most convincing as Liam had been going on about how he had entered the competition and had chosen Cheryl Cole!)

"You're kidding?! This is amazing, I love you so much Cheryl, you're so hot!" He sounded so excited and started hissing at Luke saying, "It's Cheryl Cole mate!" We could hardly contain our giggles and I had to stuff my face into a pillow for a bit.

"Yes, well, you're not the first young boy to say that to me! How are you then Liam?"

"I'm fine thanks, you?" Liam squeaked in a really giggly high pitch.

"I'm really well, thanks for asking love! So, how's your love life then Liam, have you got a very special someone or am I your only heartache?" (We all had to have a pillow moment then, this was HILARIOUS!!)

"Yeah, kinda, there was this girl called Hattie who I asked to the cinema with some mates but she was really frigid so I pretended as if I had had fun and said we should do it again. Then I had this thing with Hattie's best friend Emily, who's well fit and an amazing snogger. But now Emily is going out with my best friend so I suppose I will go back to Hattie, she will go out with anyone." We all stopped laughing. What a really horrible boy Liam is!

" don't sound like the perfect boy yourself Liam, if I was a girl of your age, I'd stay well away from you! Well, our time's almost up, so how about I have someone pick you up tomorrow and take you to my place, I'm in London this weekend..." (We started laughing again!)

"Um....YEAH!! I live in London too!, you want to pick me up in Trafalgar square, um by the fountain. Tomorrow, 5 in the afternoon? I will be wearing um...chinos, a grey T-shirt and bright red high tops, ok?" He sounded so shaky and as if he couldn't quite believe it.

"That would be lovely, see you tomorrow," We hung up. That had been absolutely hilarious!

"I can't believe he fell for it, what a loon!" Georgie giggled.

"Yeah, what a dingbat!" Alesha smirked.

"I can't believe what he said about Hattie though, you're well rid of him babes, he's a donkey!" Ali patted me on the back and they all gave me a hug. We felt a bit down after that, so we got into our sleeping bags, ate more sweets and watched Dear John. We all fell asleep really quickly and when we woke up, it was eight o'clock and time to get up.



Sunday 17th June

Having a bit of a down after the party, everyone left at ten so we only really had enough time to have breakfast, tidy up, pack and have fifteen minutes of chatting. We've all agreed that operation GLTLH would start tomorrow, with the first meeting on the tennis courts first thing. Ali gave me his number and we have been chatting a lot. He's really nice and sincere, not a show off like Liam or Luke and he's really down-to-earth. I'm not too sure if I like him or not, my emotions are all over the place at the moment! I am still a bit cut up about what Liam said; I'm not that frigid and saying I wouldn't turn him down, honestly!


Me, Alesha and Ali (Georgie was asleep) went down to Trafalgar square at about quarter to five and decided to watch this spectacle unfold...He was wearing what he said he would and carrying a huge bouquet of bright red roses. He looked a bit of a twit standing there, eyes wide with excitement at meeting the girl of his dreams at any minute! At quarter past five, he was still waiting and checking his watch every twenty seconds. We decided to film it on my little video camera and post it on you tube; it would serve him right after all he had done to me! At half past, he started to cry a bit, but we couldn't see very well because we were too far away, so we snuck closer until we were only meters away. At quarter to six, I decided to go see him.

"Hey, Liam, what you doing?"

"Hi Hattie, I'm waiting for Cheryl Cole's personal cab, she phoned me last night on Star Caller and she said she would pick me up here! I can't think why her cab's not here!" He broke off and sniffed heavily.

"Um...Sam, Cheryl Cole isn't in England at the moment, she's in America..."

"WHAT??? But it was definitely her on the phone, I know her voice better than my own!" He was crying now, and Ali and Alesha were having trouble keeping the camera on him because they were shaking with laughter too badly!

"Liam dear, I think you should go home, Cheryl Cole wouldn't agree on public radio to have a cab pick you up so you could meet up with you! She's not that stupid!" I patted him on the back.

"Oh Hattie, you weren't there, you don't understand, she FLIRTED with me, we are meant to be together!"

"Aren't you a bit old for all that pretending your dream famous person loves you nonsense?"

"IT'S NOT NONSENSE HATTIE!! You wouldn't understand though, you've never been in love the way I am!" He turned away from me and I just walked away and said to the camera,

"Love is blind..."


Monday 18th June

We posted the two videos, the first one we called Liam's Star Caller and the other video Love is Blind-Liam and Cheryl's own love story. In less than twelve hours it had 2,562 views and loads of comments like, 'what a twit' and 'how idiotic!'. There were a couple of ones like 'who would do such a horrid thing' or 'they are crushing his dreams poor boy' but we just replied saying he deserved it. We thought we had got away with it on Monday, he didn't know anything about the videos and still thought it was genuine, telling everyone that he was on speaking terms with Cheryl Cole. Hahaha, wonder how long THAT'S going to last!

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