How to Grow up (for beginners)

Harriet is a 12 nearly 13 year old girl. With a wierd and wacky family, amaing friends and a very horrible set of boys to deal with, with Harriet finally begin to grow up and become a teenager? Or will she stay the little girl and never get a boyfriend...Find out now!


2. The early conclusion




The cinema was..okay in parts. I made myself look gorgeous as possible in my miniskirt and vest, but mum said that it was 'highly inappropriate' so I got changed into skinny jeans and a black top and red cardie. Jude spent three hours on her hair giving it a 'bedhead chic look'. So I annoyed her by saying that she could just have gone to bed again! However, obviously she couldn't see the joke and told me to 'shut it'. Lovely. Henry (Her boyfriend) flirted cheerfully with me in the car on the way there in his car. Met Liam, Lewis, Luke and Ryan at the entrance to the ODEON. Liam hugged me lightly and everyone else just sort of grunted at me the way boys do..Felt soooo grown up and mature when Liam started chatting to me and complimenting me on my outfit. Typically Emily then arrived, completely out shining me and getting all the attention from then on. Got a big popcorn and sat down, nowhere near Jude (Thank God!) and settled down. The film was amazing. The main boy was majorly hot and so were most of his co-stars. As the film was basically about falling in love with the wrong person and how that the person you didn't really like turned out to be your one true love. Spent the whole film watching Emily holding hands with Ryan, which felt good. At least she wasn't after Liam. After the film had finished, we all trooped out and said bye. Liam gave me a little kiss on the cheek and said it was good meeting up with me and we should do it again some time, just the two of us.


Thursday 4th June


I feel really annoyed at Liam because today he ignored me completely and talked to Emily instead of me in science. I wasn't sure what was going on! I thought he liked ME now! I had hoped that now Emily was almost going out with Ryan she would leave Liam alone, but evidently not! She was really really flirting with him at break and I was really upset, he didn't even look at me let alone talk to me. Ali said I was being a bit silly, he hadn't asked me out yet; he had just said we should meet up again. I guess she's right, but it doesn't make it any less pooey! At lunch, I had to stay behind to help Mr Parry put the paints away from our art lesson (just because apparently I was too chatty) and I only got away about ten minutes into Lunch. I couldn't find Emily or Liam on the field, and no-one seemed to know where they were so I gave up and decided to go to mine and Emily's secret place where we used to hang out in year 7 (behind the bins, you can't see it at all from the field) to think about what to do in terms of me and Sam. When I got there, I heard some giggling and saw two figures snogging in the shadows around the bins. They immediately sprang apart when they saw me, but in a moment I realised it was Liam and Emily.

"Hey, um Hattie..."Liam mumbled.

"Liam...what I thought we were supposed to be going out?" I yelped. Emily just smirked but Liam shuffled his feet and looked guilty.

"Relax Hattie, your such a drama queen, Liam never even liked you, he liked me all along!" Emily glared at me. Liam nodded.

“Yeah, sorry Hattie, I didn't realise you thought I meant as a date, I don't think we should go out at all now.” His words really hurt and I turned around and marched away, grabbing Georgie and sobbing into her shoulders for the rest of Lunch.


Friday 5th June

Have decided to give up on boys and concentrate on making myself a new person ready for year Nine in a few months. I did have trouble deciding this as Liam presented me with flowers and a box of chocolates to say sorry. I was about to say it's ok and we could start again, but then I remembered how happy he had looked with Emily, so I put the flowers on his head and shared the chocolates with Alesha. Emily is now going out with Ryan, as I suspected and Liam is heartbroken.


Alesha said I should forget all about him and anyway, Emily would only try and get him back if she found out I like him again, she's a very spiteful girl...


Friday 12th June

I haven't written in a week because there's been so much going on. Tomorrow's my birthday and I'm having a cinema party followed by sleepover. I love my mum sometimes! I'm having Alesha, Emily (we have made up) Georgie, Ali, Lewis, Luke and Liam and for the cinema and then Alesha, Ali and Georgie are sleeping over. Emily couldn't do the sleepover as she is busy and I didn't want her anyway. I might have forgiven her but I was still a bit peeved. I invited Liam purely because he was one of the coolest boys in my year. I'm hoping to maybe start something with Lewis; he's really cute and sensitive. Emily is trying to get the attention of a hot year eleven that lives next door to her, so I don't have to worry about her coming in the way of my plans this time! We are going to see The Hunger Games Catching Fire at the cinema, I managed to persuade Mum to take us to the Imax, she didn't really know what it was, so she won't realise until we are there how expensive it is! Haha, I'm very sly sometimes...Everyone is really looking forward to the party, and Ali and Georgie are being really nice and bringing loads of sweets as they know mum only lets me buy chocolates and Alesha isn't allowed to buy any. I'm really nervous about the party and Lewis, so Jade agreed to give me some advice.


1.      Let them do most of the talking and if they don't talk a lot, gently ask a question that will get them talking

2.      If they make a joke, smile or laugh a little even if it's not funny

3.      If you can't think of anything to say, hold their hand or give them a hug and comment on how nice they smell or how warm their hugs are to make them feel good about themselves. Don't make it too soppy though, keep it light and jokey.

Despite me hating my sister, she can be alright at times!














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