How to Grow up (for beginners)

Harriet is a 12 nearly 13 year old girl. With a wierd and wacky family, amaing friends and a very horrible set of boys to deal with, with Harriet finally begin to grow up and become a teenager? Or will she stay the little girl and never get a boyfriend...Find out now!


1. Getting sorted out




Monday 24th May


What am I like. Nearly thirteen years old and giving up on finding love. I don’t know why but it just seems like my life will never start. I mean I hate being 12, nobody takes you seriously! It doesn’t help that Emily has been out with so many boys and is the absolute beauty of my year. She's already had her first snog and she's only a few months older than me. Mum says I can only have mine when I'm with the right boy - same as she did when she was young. I told her that I was ready for one but when she said,

"There's more too life than boys, Hattie." that I gave her up as a bad job. My family's pretty weird so I have always done my best to stay well clear of them. I've got an older sister- Jude who spends as much time on hair as a Panda does eating- most of her life. It has no visible change though- she's still as ugly as ever. Mum and Dad are together (I think). They're always arguing now. I blame it on Katie. She's my little sister. She was only born two months ago. She's always screaming. It's like having a human fire-engine siren living with you, except this one has been put on repeat. Then there's Alex. My sixteen year old brother. A very headstrong boy with as much knowledge as an empty Library. He's a pretty boy though, so that doesn't matter to him. Long black hair and green eyes. I've always thought he looks like a wolf. Well, surprising what people will go for. I guess I haven’t got Alex’s good looks, my hair and eyes are quite a cool dark brown but I hate my skin, I’m so pale!


Tuesday 25th May


Ashsthead High. Possibly the most dull place on earth, except maybe my house, where the most exciting things that ever happen are Katie’s green poos. I hate my school though, except Mr Scarlls who has the nicest behind you ever did see. In his lessons, I don’t learn much about algebra but I definitely know that Good bum + tight trousers=Lushness... Alesha can never contain her excitement in Maths that once she actually took pictures of it and set up a website dedicated to his bottom... It got over 400 views a week! But then our headmistress found out and poor Mr Scarlls had to attend a meeting discussing the website and the content! Anyway, first thing we had stupid Mrs Smite rambling on about school uniform and how we should all respect school protocol, yawn! Apparently having 5 stripes instead of 7 showing on your tie is a criminal offence...Not sure why, I think teachers are just jealous because we are imaginative with our uniforms and they aren't. But, I guess it's just part of the high school experience! Then double maths, Alesha has to now give in her phone before every maths lesson just in case she fancies taking a few pics but apart from that, I had a lovely snooze at the back of the classroom. Well, who needs maths? That's what they invented computers and calculators for! At break, me, Alesha, Ali, Georgie and Emily tried to stand on the tennis courts but got bombarded with footballs to the bum, head, legs and backs so had to make a run for it. The rest of the day passed uneventfully, except when Luke actually SMILED in my direction...sigh! One day soon he'll realise how perfect we are together...




Wednesday 26th May

I will always remember today. Emily got a boyfriend. It had to be Luke. He's GORGEOUS! Beautiful brown hair just like Justin Bieber and sweet green eyes. I have always had a crush on him. Emily had been eyeing him up for ages. I mean, talk about betrayal! She knows I fancie him, but that didn't stop her. All she had to do was bat her stupidly long eyelashes at him and he asked her out immediately. I don't know what boys see in her, she's so fake! We are officially not friends anymore...


Thursday 27th May


Emily basically chained herself to him after that. She sickens me sometimes. He's really nasty to me now. All he ever does is look at me like I'm an alien. So, I suppose I've gone off him recently. I guess there's plenty more fish in the sea...Oh wait there aren't because no boy is ever going to like me because now I have two chins, what did I do to deserve a spot as big as this!!??



Monday 1st June


My loneliness is starting to annoy me. I feel like an ugly idiot, sitting next to my four beautiful friends (me and Emily are kinda friends again) with their swishy hair and perfect non-spotty skin! I guess that's the problem with picking really pretty girls to be your friends, you spend all your time being jealous of them! Mum made tea tonight, which is a first because it's normally Dad that cooks (Mum says it's sexist that she should do all the cooking) and I can't say I liked it. It was supposed to be Toad in the hole, but mum forgot the sausages and it was basically not quite cooked pastry with mashed potatoes (with bits in) and soggy carrots. Dad said he would do all the cooking from now on...


Tuesday 2nd June


Liam Jackson. He's got mousy, blonde hair that, like most boys, is swept across his forehead. He's got lovely brown eyes. It's strange how you can never notice someone until they suddenly arrive one day at your lunch table and ask for a chip. He's a real flirt, which is why he doesn't really ever have girlfriends but that doesn't stop nearly all the girls being in love with him! I think I am in love too...


Of course I'm not. But I don't care. I have finally realised that there might be a boy who would flirt with me and that was all that mattered. Emily is furious that I like him, as they had gone out a few months ago for about a week, so we aren't friends anymore (again). She split up with Alex a week ago. They went out for NINE DAYS!!! Yes, Emily, you loved him so much! I am finding it awesome to like a boy again; at last, my loneliness is over!


You'll never guess what, Liam asked me if we wanted to go to the cinema together!!!! Yes, he said he was bringing his other boy friends and could I bring Emily with me but still! Mum complained, (As always) but eventually she agreed, on the condition Jude could come with HER boyfriend! Jude's boyfriend is surprisingly good looking. He's got brown eyes, black flicked hair and wears gangster jackets. I USED to have a crush on him when we were in year three but that was long, long ago. We decided we would go and see today is tomorrow, you know, the one about teenagers in a London high school. It’s going to be totally awesome! If Jude screws it up I will make sure she never lives to see another sunrise, and I'm not joking! Emily's been flirting with Liam so much I want to punch her. It's not fair that nobody seems to mind that she is planning to ask Liam out at the cinema. If I did that to her I would never live to see the light of day again.

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