It's been three lonely years since Kaylee and Liam last spoke, but what happens when the two bump into each other and create so much history, all over again?


2. Liam.

The blinding lights that flashed above the stage attacked my eyes. Seas of teenage girls screamed our names into the arena, their bodies swaying from side to side at the backing drums. Harry shot me a dizzy glare, his pearly smile sticking out from his face laughingly. Zayn winked at all of us, indicating the chorus-

    I've been watchin you all night,
    There's somethin' in your eyes,
    Saying c'mon, c'mon,
    And dance with me baby
    The music is so loud,
    I wanna be yours now,
    So c'mon, c'mon,
    And dance with me baby.." Gasping silently, I jumped to the melody ringing in my ears, adding a bit of 'C'mon's, and 'Sing up, London!'s, the crowd yelling back. Unbelievable. From the bottom of the stairs, to the top of the world. The past doesn't matter anymore, it's what's now that counts.


  "Good one, Zayn!" I run my hand through Zayn's hair, making him sigh slightly. His eyes beamed into the mirror in our dressing room, as I stood behind him, a porky smile living on my face.

  "Thanks, Li. You've managed your solo without straining your voice? You're sounding a bit ill lately," He gets up, pulling me into a hug.

  "He's love sick!" Harry attacks me from the back, laughing his croaky accent into my ear, a plastic bottle of water clutched in between his teeth.

  "N-no," I stutter, thinking of Danielle. Louis winked at me, and he knew straight away what was going on. Niall threw me a 'i-wish-i-believed-you' look, and mouthed for me to 'Spill'.

  "Fine. She's dumped me, okay?" My voice broke in the middle of that, and I felt a guilty pinch in the pit of my stomach. As I opened my mouth, I felt nothing coming out. My hands wrapped around my throat, as it vibrated at my trails of speech.

  "Liam, please don't say-" Zayn started, looking down at his feet.

  "He's lost his voice." Louis gulped, peeking into the crowd through the corners of the curtains.

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