It's been three lonely years since Kaylee and Liam last spoke, but what happens when the two bump into each other and create so much history, all over again?


4. #Laylee.

   "I can't believe this," Paul breathed, his hands on his head, one holding up his phone. His pale eyes glistened around, focused on me. The beauty experts were crowding around me, feeding me truck-loads of treatments.

   "We need to cancel the tour-" Zayn gasped, his cold fingertips tapping against my head. Harry's eyes watered, but he swiftly stepped closer to give me a comforting hug. He was good at giving hugs.

   "I'm sorry," I mouthed but Niall only smiled, rubbing his hand against my shoulder.

   "We'll get this sorted soon.." The doctor breathed, pushing Harry, Zayn and Niall away from me, while forcing pills into my mouth. Coughing quickly, I swallowed, my eyes burning with fear and guilt.


   "Simon's going to get here in 10, he mentioned something about bringing his son and some girl- They're not going to interrupt, of course. He said he's going to get something sorted," Paul grinned meekly, trying to keep a serious face on. Harry's face lit up when Paul mention the word 'girl', and sweat was now noticeable on the tips of his forehead.

   "Girl?" He winked, jumping up once, quickly. Paul smirked, laughing a bit and no matter how much I tried to force words out of my mouth, I couldn't, and I only backed away, swallowing.


The boys wandered around my chair, mumbling and having a laugh. I wanted to join them, and it felt weird for there to only be 4 of them and 1 of me. It was always 5 of us. What if I lost my voice forever? What if, when I get my voice back, I won't be able to sing anymore or I won't be good enough-

   "Liam!" Simon's voice ran closer towards me, his hands landing on my face. I smiled gently, noticing a boy with short, blonde hair and dark, piercing brown eyes. He smiled gently, dimples dug heavily into his cheeks. But- a ringlet of curl hair was visible from behind and by seeing the feminine fingers interwined with the boys' I judged it was a girl. A bit of her face was now coming to view, and I could've sworn my last money that I knew her from somewhere. She took a swift step from behind the boys' shadow, and straight away, our eyes met. The smile on her face drew so wide, I couldn't help but feel tears in my eyes. My mouth opened, and feeling a urge in my vocal chords, I rose up from the seat, pushing away the stylists.

   "L-Lia..m," She started, but as she ran into my arms, she wrapped her hands around my neck, her legs snaking around my waist. She was now hanging onto me, but even that didn't bother. Gulping hardly, I looked at her, our eyes shining to the light.

   "I've missed you.." I whimper, the crowd of people behind me staring at us, noticing I've spoken at last. Kaylee shot me an innocent glare, pressing her lips onto mine. Moving my mouth slowly, I felt her pull away to some of the gasps in the background.

   "I've missed you more, Liam. There wasn't a-" She began, but I interrupted.

   "A day where I haven't thought about you, about us."

   "Laylee all over again," She grinned, hugging me.

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