It's been three lonely years since Kaylee and Liam last spoke, but what happens when the two bump into each other and create so much history, all over again?


1. Kaylee.

The rain flooded over my head, as I smash into the puddle, my fingers attached to my phone keypad. The sun attempted to break through the heavy clouds, a graceful slash of light sparkling down the damp grass at the gates of my school. Groups of huddled teenagers were scattered all across the playground, most whispering something to each other. My eyes scanned through every kid, till I finally notice a girl with ocean blue dyed ringlets of hair.

   "Kaylee!" She yells, skipping towards me in a pace. She offered me a quick smile and hands me a strawberry pencil sweet, munching on one of her own. As she grins, the candy stuck in between her teeth glimpses at me, as I giggle a bit.

   "Hey," I offer, grabbing her by the elbow. She mumbles something that looks like an 'ouch', and trodded on behind me, massaging her hand through her hair.

  "You alright?" She starts, stopping, her creepers screetching against the slippy floorboards of the school hallways. Smoothing my relazed top down, I smile at her, popping the sweet into my mouth.

  "You promised you'd come to practise with me." I remind her, pointing towards the staircase that leads to the music rooms.

  "You've been practising more often lately, has this got something to do with the new boy?" Lacey raises her eyebrow, giggling a bit, her hand landing on my chest, near my heart. I could feel it pounding quicker than usual, and she just grinned menacingly.

  "N-no, course not!" Have I mentioned I'm awful at lying?

  "Course not," She laughs sarcastically, walking at my pace. Adjusting the guitar case to my back swiftly, I hum along to 'Something good can work' by Two Door Cinema Club. Lacey soon recognizes the tune, her feet swaying along.


My fingers run down the strings, getting used to the strumming. Running along the base, I tap my feet against the carpet, my hair bouncing as my melody starts coming to life. The new boy, Chris, glanced at me quickly from the shadows of the room, a cheesy grin spread across his face. His golden hair lay across his forehead, bouncing as he moved.

  "You're amazing," He croaked, moving a shy step closer, his petite cheeks as rosy. I shot him a glare, a sudden smile creeping up onto my face at his every word. He used the English language so beautifully, you could listen to him all day.

  "Sorry, I haven't introduced myself.. I'm Chris. Chris Cowell." He throws his hand out, ready to shake mine. A blush seeped up my cheeks, as I ripped my hand off of the guitar, clutching onto his. It was so warm, so magical.

  "Thank you so much, I'm Kaylee Youngs by the way. It's really lovely of you, you really m-made my day," I stutter suddenly, "My friend Lacey would love to meet you, Chris, but she's left for her first lesson- I've got-"

  "Permission to practise? Me too," He finished my sentence, grabbing a chair next to mine, settling down. "And no problem, my pleasure, you're really talented, you are.." His gorgeous hazel eyes glistened as he tapped his fingers against the lining of the instrument I had on my lap. Blinking quickly, I finally fell back into reality.

  "Cowell, you said your surname was?" I gasp, adjusting myself to face him. Pushing his hair behind his ears, he laughed at my confused expression.

  "Yeah- Simon Cowell is my dad," He looked slightly embarassed as he hid his face into the shadows of his coats of fleecey hair.


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