It's been three lonely years since Kaylee and Liam last spoke, but what happens when the two bump into each other and create so much history, all over again?


3. Chris.

It's been a few days now, and in this short period of time, me and Kaylee managed to become obsessed with each other. She was like a sister to me, she really was my bestfriend.

Her curls wipped around, falling into her face as she ran towards me, her tearing guitar case in her tight grip.

   "I can't believe you're taking me to watch the X Factor auditions live," She breathed, as I pulled her into a quick hug. She smelt of ripe raspberries and fresh lemon juice. I threw her a smile, getting the heavy case from out of her bother.

   "Why did you bring Woody with you?" I ask, screaming a quick laugh. Woody was what she named her guitar, really cute, actually. She was a big fan of Toy Story - she mentioned watching it with some 'Liam' guy? Oh well.

   "I bring him everywhere with me," She replied quickly, grabbing it away from me agressively, planting a cold kiss on my jaw line, moving away swiftly.

   "When's our bus?" She asks, scratching the back of her head, her eyes wandering around the bus stop.

   "Should be here-" I glanced at my watch, "Just now.." The bus screwed its wheels against the curb, the engines screetching as it parked, warm air huffing out of it at both sides.

   "You're good," Kaylee gasps, fishing for her oyster. "I'm too excited," She grins, hopping onto the bus.


The last singer summarised the whole performance, a wave of applause echoing through the hall. Kaylee got to her feet, yelling 'Woo!'s, and 'I love you!'s at the female, her eyes watering from all the appreciation.

   "Thank you," She stuttered into the microphone, my dad, Simon, grinning at her.

   "That was amazing, Elaiza. People like you are the reason why we have this show!" He raised from his executive chair, clapping his hands madly, the audience following. The two judges who joined dad cheered too, waving their hands in the air.

   "You owe me an autograph," Simon added, giving a last clap, gesturing her to the door.

   "Thank you so much, love you X Factor!" She shrieks, disappearing into the shadow of the corner.

   "That was beautiful, wasn't it, Chris?" Kaylee smirks, thumbing the tears off of her cheeks. The backing to 'Cry me a River', Michael Buble's version, was still playing in the distance. Kay sighed, smashing her eyelids together, what looked like she was trying to run away from the world for a while.

  "It was. Kaylee, are you OK?" Rubbing her back with my hand, her head rose from her hands, and she only smiled meekly, shaking her head.

   "L-Liam, h..he sang that f-for his X Factor a-audition, he's g-gone now, left w-with the ..blink of an eye, h-he haven't spoken t-to m..me since," Tears streaming down her face, she threw herself into my arms. Liam? X Factor? What? One Direction-? Nah, it can't be. I pressed my lips against the tip of her head gently, she rose again, smiling a bit.

   "Don't worry-" I whispered, being interrupted with dad's loud roar of a voice, saying something about the end of the show. Kaylee grabbed onto her case, getting up from one of the exclusive chairs.

   "Not so fast, I have a surprise for you," I smirked menacingly, my head indicating to my dad.

   "Chris, you shouldn't have-"

   "We're going to go meet my dad." Interrupting her, I grabbed her by the elbow, pulling her down the steps into the stage where Simon Cowell sat.



(Kaylee's point of view)

   "Hey dad!" Chris yells, and I swear, I felt my heart swell up. Plastering a fake smile onto my face, I grinned, as Simon noticed me in the background of Chris.

   "Well hello there, Chris, and who's this beautiful girl? Let me guess, the one you've been on about all the time, Kaylee?" Simon laughs, placing his hands onto my shoulder, patting it gently.

   "Dad!" Chris screams in irritation and embarassment, and Simon only replied with a 'Ha'. I drove into his attention, and I guess so did Woody.

   "Haha, yeah, I'm Kaylee. Kaylee Youngs, and this- this is Woody, my guitar," Smiling a lot, I show off my pearly teeth, patting against the hard case of the guitar.

   "Ohh, so are you musical? And it's funny how you've named your guitar Woody, it reminds me of one of my little laddies, Liam used to, and still loves Toy Story!" He pointed out, shortly noticing the tears in my eyes all over again.

   "Yep, I-I'm a fan.." I stare down at the floor, "A fan of Toy Story, of course!" I correct myself, hoping he didn't get the wrong interpretation.

   "You seem a bit teary, are you alright?" He moves a step back swiftly.

   "Mhm, it's just when you mentioned Liam- I used to know one, he's now a member of One Direction, haha- and erm, we were bestfriends for 15 years, and now we've lost contact- It just hits me write in the stomach every time.. I'm fine, though, course." I try to sell him a grin, but it flopps down into some kind of frown mixed with a bit of fear.

   "Sing for us!" Chris tries to break into the awkward silence, but Simon smacks his hand against Chris' mouth, his index finger pointing in the air.

   "Yes, Kaylee, sing for us." He seemed to have forgotten what I've said about Liam, in one way, that was good, but in the other, it hurt even more to have the pain ignored.

   "I'm not really p-prepared," I reach for my guitar which was balancing against my leg, and strapping it around my neck, I take a heavy, deep breath, twiddling with the strings quickly. "It's going to be 'Kiss Me', by Ed Sheeran. It means a lot to me," I begin, my fingers getting lost in between the gaps of the long strings. Plucking against them swiftly, I feel like I'm getting washed away, the fear and pain suddenly descreasing and somehow disappearing.

   "Settle down with me
   Cover me up
   Cuddle me in
   Lie down with me
   Hold me in your arms..

   Your heart's against my chest
   Lips pressed to my neck
   I've fallen for your eyes
   But they don't know me yet.. (the rest of the song continues).."  

Smooting out the last sentence, I place the guitar down, my eyes fixed on the floor. Simon broke into a whisper, and Chris only giggled a bit. Looking up in curiousity, Simon gasped, pulling me into a hug.

   "That was beautiful, Kaylee. You're through," He gasped, Chris applauding.

    "Through?" I shoot Chris a death glare, and he stops laughing, Simon blinking in astonishment.

     "We just simply cannot waste your talent! You need to be noticed, girl! Please accept this offer, and go through to the next round, do this for Liam.."

    "You know Liam?" I breathe, "C-Can I see him? S-Speak to him like befo..re?" My eyes widen as I rip from the sadness into an excited gesture, pulling Simon and Chris into a hug.

    "If you accept, then you'll be able to contact him as much as you used to!" Simon embraced.

    "Anything if I can get my Liam back, my best friend, my brother.." I couldn't stop grinning. Simon just 'Humph'ed, laughing a bit. Pulling my lips apart to reveal my teeth, I heard Chris sus in jealousy.


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