Dancing in the wind

A collection of poems by Reya Muller


8. Young

Being young is like a long, hot summer,

At fifteen life is so simple,

Boys at every turn,

Friends there to guide you,

No worries 'cept bad hair,

But kisses grow sour in time,


Summer days die in time,

As does innocence,

Parties get later,

And boys get older,

At fifteen, a drunken kiss,

With the wrong boy,

Turns to urgent fumbles,

In a darkened park


At fifteen, age can begin to take toll,

Drunken fumbles result in high pitch wails,

Mum, at fifteen,

All those opportunities lost,

No college,


Just nappies,

Boy's buggered off,


At fifteen, money's all gone,

Spent on baby food,

Career gone down the pan,

Mum stays at home,

Fifteen and thirty five,

In one year,

Young life's over

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