Dancing in the wind

A collection of poems by Reya Muller


2. Just for now


Is it me,

Or is love nonexistent,

Something of fairytales and idyllic, Happily ever after films, For it certainly seems so,   Everyday I hear of love, Of it's spell, It's beauty, It's power, But then the real world kicks in, And I realise who i am,   At the end of every film I seem to watch, The two people, Are together, In love, Happy, But then I switch off the screen, And the love, Vanishes, I've never had a happily ever after, But I wonder, Just a glimpse of that rosy, Diamond-like, Sunlit thing, Called love, But no, not for me, I sit alone, Watching The Notebook, Crying, Not because it's moving, But because I feel the loss of someone to love, Someone who loves me, Completely, Truly, Not forever, But just for now

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