Dancing in the wind

A collection of poems by Reya Muller


9. Do you?

Light a match. Do you see a flame?

Paint splatters from a

dry brush; drip. Drop.

Window ledge, wind in the leaves,

where am I? Nowhere.


Turn up the fire. Do you feel warm?

Pillow dries in the shadows.

Can you see the emptiness

of a crowded room?

Bookshelf, click play,

who am I? No-one


Look at the sky. Can you see stars?

Hopeful dreams grow moist

in the darkness. Feet on bed.

Screams in the gut, can you see

the monsters? Drink from an empty glass.

Can I leave? Never.


Stand on a mountain. Can you feel the rain?

Innocent ideas make powder in a mortar,

Ground with a smiling pestle,

taste the food. Is it nice?

Captive in a room with an open door

planes race across the reflections.

Who cares? Nobody. 

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