Dancing in the wind

A collection of poems by Reya Muller


4. Broken


They tell me not to cry, How can I not? Do they not understand? The reason I shake, The reason I cry, It's very simple really,     Two nights ago I was dancing, Singing, laughing, smiling, My whole existence shining bright, For then I had it all, Nothing could make me fall, I had hope, Until he spoke, Those words unto me,     He told me not to worry, That it was going to be alright, He said it barely mattered, He said he was not tattered, Inside,     My heart was deep and booming, Shaking,shattering, quaking, My whole world turned upside down, For now all was lost, At what a terrible cost, I was dying, As he was lying, Telling untruths to me,   And so I'm alone now, And it's deep into the night, And he's gone from beside me, Never to come back beside me, For now he is dying from me, Cancer. Again.  
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