Jim's Holy Diary 2010

Jim tells the story of his life, week by week

© Tee Heebee, 2013


3. Week 3 January 15-21

January 15: Today I pretended I was a Plane before realising that I needed a new job so I had some pie and thought about becoming a maths teacher. So I quickly counted to 5 to check if I was good enough, and I was look 1,2,3,7,8,0,9,5.


January 16: Today I threw my Teddy Bear Squiffy McDiffy out the window, before running around the street naked.


January 17: ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I did nothing all day which is not acshully tru i tryed 2 make my gramer crap alon wif mi spellin.


January 18: I decided to get some food because I havent eaten since Yestarday when I ate some chocolate that came from my bum,. It tasted strangely like the chips at McDonalds that I made on January 8. so I went to Tescos and ate some Horse meat in a very nice Beef n' Vodka Burgers.


January 19: I found Squiffy McDiffy in the sex spa which I definetly was not at last night becuz I said so Bitch.


January 20: I have not had any drug s since five minutes ago and I am getting desperate so I ran into a wall three times before remembering I had some in my pocket. Then I ate the Fridge.


January 21: I read Bills amazing Birthday and did what Bill did, I took a shit in the shower.


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