The Railway Girl

A normal girl on the rise in a world she doesn't know exists. She doesn't know what to do when there is devastation after their beloved king is brutally murdered. Will she settle peace between the reds and blacks?


3. This could be home?

She rolled her eyes inside her mind, "Fine" 

He came up close to her, she could smell his earthy smell and her cheeks went pink. "Pinky swear?"

Rolling her eyes properly this time "erm okay?" and the two little fingers joined.

Charlotte blushed at the contact and he smiled, "Now don't go breaking that," 

Together they walked in a strangely peaceful silence, after an hour they reached a beautiful seaside village, a sign said welcome to shadows creek. Charlotte felt that this was a bizarre name for a village but she kept quiet, and walked through the curious settlement. Lucas  wove through the cottages and houses, shops and churches until he reached a two houses, big ones at that. He walked up to the second door, that was covered in ivy and pulled a key from his pocket  and opened the door.

Charlotte walked into the silent house, it was old and rustic. The whole thing looked like it could fall to pieces any second, but Charlotte found it peaceful. 

"So where's my new family" placing air quotations on the 'family' part, she looked at the boy in front of her. 

"He'll be back soon, until then I'll show you your room," he walked past her to a black stairway, which he climbed quickly. Following, picking up her suitcase, she followed him into a beautiful room. It had a huge bed, wardrobe and one wall was covered in a huge bookshelf, the other wall covered in big windows showing the sparkling sea and golden sand. 

For the first time in a long time, she felt as though this could become her home. She felt safe and happy, she felt eyes on her face and a somewhat surprised expression when she looked up to meet them.

"What?" she asked curiously
"I was expecting a diva fit, most teenage girls would hate this room" 
"It's perfect," then realising it was Lucas that bought her her she continued, "Thank you for bringing me here... You can go home now" 
"I think I'll stay for a bit, I can take you for a tour later if you want?"
"Maybe," she was still uncertain of the boy.

The front door rattled and was shortly followed by footsteps, a gentle male voice called, "Lucas?"

"COMING," he yelled, making Charlotte jump, he ran down stairs before she could speak. She slowly followed, cautiously down the stairs. The man standing there looked very young, about ten years her senior. He was quite good looking and had a friendly look about him, she smiled nicely. However she was curious as to why such a young man would adopt a teenager. 

"You must be Charlotte," he smiled, "I'm Zachary Smith,"

"You can call me Lottie, if you want to. It's nice to meet you,"

"Wow," he laughed, "you're the most formal teenager I've met, loosen up," surprising her her stepped forward and gave her a brief hug.

"I'm not going to try to be a father figure, or a family relation, pretend we're room mates that look out for eachother, yeah?" he smiled, surprised at the  informal behaviour she smiled and nodded.
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