The Railway Girl

A normal girl on the rise in a world she doesn't know exists. She doesn't know what to do when there is devastation after their beloved king is brutally murdered. Will she settle peace between the reds and blacks?


1. Prologue

Horrors you.
Torments you.
Absorbs you.

Pain is the only reminder of our true selves. It battles it's way in until it's deep inside you, where
 it sees everything. Controls everything. For that reason there is no control over the effect it has on the person, people, cities and towns, and so has made a great impact on the way our world has developed and changed.

The current world is a cruel and vicious place- one that holds secrets and torment like a glass chalice- they rule above all. There are two separate worlds, one, the one you live in, and two, the world underneath our worlds, the world filled with segregation and discrimination. A world you and I couldn't possibly begin to imagine. 

Here there are two kinds of people; red and blacks. The blacks are the cruel supernatural creatures, vampires that kidnap, werewolves that kill. The reds are the mortals, who live in constant fear,  reds are slaves to the blacks. However above all is the white king. The royals are named the whites, symbolising the  purity of their families.

Charlotte Clemencau. Often people called her queer, they stayed away from here. In our world she is strange, she doesn't belong. She often uses her thick dark hair as a wall to hide herself away. Her pale skin is a perfect canvas for the big brown eyes and full pink mischievous lips. Under her right eye beholds the mark of a White, a royal. However she has never heard of the other world. She lives alone.

Both worlds are about to change when the shocking news comes in.

The White king has been murdered.
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